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Cardiac Risk Markers Profile Test

Cardiac Risk Markers Profile Test


The test that examines the cardiovascular condition is named as Cardiac Risk Markers Profile. While the heart system has affected by high level of bad cholesterol, then the heart is marked as a soft heart. The test determines the exact condition of the heart. Smoke, high blood pressure, and cholesterol create a high risk for the heart. The doctors refer the test to determine risk factors for the heart. If the patient has prescribed this test, then he or she might connect to the diagnosis center. Experts would take a blood sample and examine the lipid level. The Cardiac Risk Markers Profile test is known as the lipid panel test as well. The test is being accomplished in a safe method.

The test has no complicated preparation. Patients have to fast and avoid any drug before the night. As 8 hours time is the basic requirement for complete digestion, therefore, patients should consume food within 10 o'clock at night. Thus, the early morning would be the perfect time for this testing. Patients have to call the clinic and the expert would reach the right time to take the blood sample.

The marker is applied to see the exact quantity of lipid. Such symptom causes major heart attacks and death. Therefore, the doctors want to get a proper scenario of the heart. The test is used to observe the actual cause of damage and start the right treatment method. If the risk factor is controllable, then the doctor would prescribe simple medications, diet, training and stains installation. Sometimes lipid builds immense blockage that sends the heart into borderline. This test helps to select the correct path of pulling the heart back into the normal condition.

Cardiac Risk Markers Profile test assays heart associated factors to show the exact condition. A straightforward blood taking procedure is applied for this test. The risk-free process is accomplished perfectly by the trained physician. As complete heart check-up procedure is equaled to the Cardiac Risk Markers Profile test, therefore, doctors would study the family history, smoking habit, obesity or diabetes tendencies. After the entire case study, an image would be drawn through the complete heart check-up. The markers determine the risk factor's level whether its lipid or anything else. Actually, lipid surface mounts a panel into the heart that causes blockage of the regular flow of heart. The check-up sees how much the heart has stored lipid

plasma or serum
light green top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Troponin I
All age groups
< 0.20ng/ml
Total CK
All age groups
< 80U/L
All age groups
< 0.5 ng/ml
All age groups
0-98 ng/ml
Rs700- Rs 2500

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