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CA-125, serum Test

CA-125, serum Test

also known as: Ovarian Cancer Antigen 125, Ovarian Cancer Marker 125, Tumour Marker CA 125, CA 125 Test

Women are always exposed to challenges and one of the biggest challenges is cancer growth. Teenagers, adult, mid-age and even old women fall prey to ovarian cause and lead a disgusting life. These life threatening tumors will grow quickly inside the ovary and damage it quickly. Women who suffer from infuriating pain in the abdomen or cervical area should give their blood for investigation. Doctors generally recommend CA-125 if their patients suffer from pain the abdomen and connected areas. Normal blood reading should be lesser than 35 u/ml. If there are variations physicians will direct the patients to next level of treatment.

Women who suffer from abnormal menstrual bleeding, bloating, loss of appetite and other such stomach problems should enter into branded and reputed diagnostic center and meet the lab technicians. They should wear loose half-sleeve cotton shirts and give their blood CA 125 assessment. Providers will use clean, sterilized and sharp needle and draw an ounce of blood from the patient's’ arm. Fasting not necessary for CA 125 blood test and girls who are planning to give blood samples can eat foods and drink normally. If the CA 125 level is above 35u/ml then doctors will request the patient to undergo ultrasound scan to rule out cancerous growth.

Women are more prone to ovarian cancers and there is drastic increase in number of patients. So, girls who suffer from severe abdominal pain, nausea, menstrual problems and ovarian discomfort should take these things seriously and undergo CA 125 blood test which is a special test for ovarian problems. Patients can rule out other major problems when they undergo this blood test. Based on the results the doctors will take the next course of action immediately. If he doubts ovarian cancer then the doctor will direct the patients to take other investigations. Women can lead a happy life when they take this serum test which is very famous throughout the world. Early diagnosis of cancer is better since the patients can start ingesting cancer pills or medicines or undergo chemotherapy.

Procedure of drawing blood and sending the sample for further investigation will take much time. Girls who suffer from bouts of stomach pains, abdominal discomforts, heavy bleeding and other such stomach aches should rush to nearest labs and give a small amount of blood for investigation. Procedure will be over within few minutes and the patients can lead normal life thereafter. Labs after examining the serum will develop computerized report quickly.

Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
0-35 units/ml
Average price range of the test is between Rs.600 to Rs.1900 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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