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BRAF V600E Mutations Test

BRAF V600E Mutations Test

BRAF V600E Mutations refer to specific changes/mutations in the gene of BRAF, which is responsible for the formation of a protein that plays an important role to send signals in various cells and help in the growth of a cell. BRAF gene mutation may sometimes found in a few types of cancer, such as colorectal and melanoma cancers. It may even increase the spread/growth of various cancer cells. Hence, BRAF V600E Mutations tests in tumor tissues help doctors to formulate good plans for effective cancer treatment.

Since BRAF V600E Mutation is a type of blood test, patients have to prepare in the same manner, as for any blood test. Strictly avoid intake of alcohol and cigarette at least before few hours before your blood test. Do not eat any junk or oily food items before 2 to 3 hours of the test. If possible, go for the test of BRAF V600E Mutation during early morning hours i.e. with an empty stomach. In case you feel drowsiness after your test, you should immediately have healthy juices or milk items, such as tea or coffee.

To differentiate the sporadic colorectal cancer with MSI-H microsatellite instability-high from lynch syndrome. To determine prognosis, as cancer problems with BRAF mutations are usually aggressive as compared to the one without mutation, specifically in colorectal and papillary thyroid carcinomas. BRAF mutation testing confers resistance to the epidermal growth factor inhibitors BRAF V600E Mutations test plays a major role in therapeutic targeting, as mutated BRAF acts as a valuable therapeutic target.

Test begins with the collection of the present clinical profile of the patient and his main histopathological diagnosis. Doctors use biopsy or initial tumor metastasis to obtain tissues from the respective melanoma patient. Next, pathologists sent the formalin fixed and paraffin embedded samples in the form of slides or tissue blocks to specialized biopsy or testing centers at the room temperature. Pathologists apply microscopy to identify the tumor area present on the sample slide by assessing its cellularity and eliminating fatty and necrotic tissues. Later on, they collect tumor tissue in appropriate amount and place it a in a tube for the BRAF mutation test. Now, specialists isolate melanoma cells’ DNA from tumor tissues collected from slides. Analysis of the obtained DNA cells detects the presence of BRAF gene mutations and generates the final report.

paraffin waxed tissue block
15micron tissue
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
Rs 8500- Rs 12000

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