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Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test

Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test

also known as: Bone Marrow Aspirate, Iron Stain, Bone Marrow

The human body requires iron. Iron associated with Hemoglobin and circulates the red blood cells. It helps the body in the oxidation process. Irons are produced, stored and circulates to blood by Bone marrow. Inadequate iron in the bone marrow results in anemia and other health problems like Excessive storage of Hemosiderin ( the type of iron stain) in mononuclear phagocyte system, comes out with Ringed sideroblasts, chronic anemia and abnormal iron deposits in the cell.This ringed sideroblastic hemosiderin does not mingle with hemoglobin and hence turns into the toxic substance. Inflammation prevails when the ability of bone marrow to produce red blood cells it ends interrupts normal bodily functions.

Bone marrow iron stain test requires Bone-marrow liquid, tissue, and the blood sample. The bone marrow aspiration is an Outpatient process. It does not need any fasting. It requires local anesthesia to create numbness. It is a thirty minutes process including the sedation. The patient must disclose all the previous medication. Some blood-thinning medicine can cause excessive loss of blood. So doctor's consultation is essential. The doctor can rectify all the doubts of the patient before the process. Blood pressure and heart rate must be checked.

The person can resume their regular work once the 10 mins process done. The results reveal the anemic level of the person. Helps the physician to identify the anemia type (if the anemia is ACD or Sideroblastic) and provide the medication in the initial stage accordingly. Bone marrow cancer can be detected by this method. Results reveal if the Bone marrow transplant is necessary or not.

A blood sample is taken by identifying the vein by Tying up an elastic band in an arm, Inserting injection into the vein, and drawing out some blood. Bone Marrow Aspiration involves finding out the posterior iliac crest. It is identified by placing four fingers on hip and moving the thumb across bone marrow area and find out a half moon shaped pit and marking it. The doctor inserts a hollow needle into the iliac crest. The needle reaches the bone marrow and draws out the liquid from the bone marrow. Followed by, hollow knife insertion in the same place to the poke bigger. Then the injection meant for extracting bone marrow tissue is inserted and some tissue is drawn out. The surgical area is dressed up accordingly.

Bone marrow aspirate clot and/or biopsy, bone marrow aspirate smears, and peripheral blood smears
2 to 5 mL, at least 1 cm core of bone marrow (complete specimen), bilateral if for staging of lymphoma

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