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Bilirubin, Fractionated Test

Bilirubin, Fractionated Test

also known as: Neonatal bilirubin

Bilirubin is one of the breakdown product associated with hemoglobin in red blood cells. Just before the excretion of urine, Bilirubin is concocted in the liver. The liver then modifies the Bilirubin in the bloodstream to make it more water soluble. This process is completed by conjugating Bilirubin with glucuronic acid. It is then conveyed from the liver to the gallbladder with the help of bile duct known as hepatic. Increases level of Bilirubin in your body can cause jaundice, in which your body becomes yellow. If such is the case then Bilirubin test is required to confirm if you have any of such conditions.

The primary condition for getting Bilirubin test is that it has to be performed empty stomach only. Other than water, you need not eat or drink anything, for at least 4-5 hours before the test is performed. Moreover, you may need to stop taking your previous medications on your doctor's recommendation. If you are on medicines like penicillin G, Phenobarbital, theophylline, or furosemide, the recommendation is to consult your doctor before the Bilirubin test, to confirm if you have to stop the medications or not. If you are on asthma medications or taking antibiotics, you may have to stop such pills to get the correct result.

A Bilirubin test is used to detect increase level in the blood. It is mostly done to determine the cause of jaundice. It is also used to diagnose conditions like liver disease and blocked bile ducts. The normal range of Bilirubin in the body is in between 0.3–1.0 mg/dL. Conjugated Bilirubin and Unconjugated Bilirubin are two forms of Bilirubin that can be measured through laboratory tests.

Bilirubin test procedure is quite simple and is done is a short period. In this test, only a small amount of blood is required for the analysis. The sample of your blood is taken through venipuncture, in which a needle is inserted in your hand through your veins. This blood sample taken is then collected in a test tube, and the further test is performed with your blood sample.

plasma or serum
light green top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
0.3–1.0 mg/dL
Rs60- Rs 3500

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