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Beta Carotene Test

Beta Carotene Test

also known as: Carotene level.

Beta Carotene is a fat soluble nutrient. It is a herald to vitamin A, therefore having a beta carotene insufficiency may result in deficiency of vitamin A. Too much vitamin A consumption may result in headaches, loss of desire for food, queasiness and diarrhea, skin changes and probable birth imperfections. Beta carotene is the kind of vitamin A that is resulting from plant sources. Beta Carotene blood test is used to define if the patient has Carotene deficits. Doctor may prescribe this test if patient shows signs of vitamin A on a much lower level, such as:

  • Bones or teeth that do not develop appropriately
  • Feeling more short-tempered
  • Frequent contaminations
  • Hair loss
  • Parched or reddened eyes
  • Poor night vision
  • Skin outbreaks

Follow your doctor’s guidelines about not having anything to drink or eat before 7-8 hours of the test. An overnight fast is suggested for the patient Also, there would be guidelines of not eating anything with vitamin A for 48 hours before the test. Do not consume liquor 24 hours before the test. Patient should also stop taking medications, like retinol for the time being, as this may affect the test results.

The standard range is 50 to 300 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL). In other words it can also be 0.93 to 5.59 micromoles per liter (micromol/L). Standard value ranges may differ somewhat amongst diverse test center. Specific labs use dissimilar measurements. Have a conversation with doctor to know more about the meaning of your particular test outcomes.

Wearing either a no or a short-sleeved shirt is suggested. Though you can also wear a full-sleeves shirt that you can merely roll-up. An alcohol pad is used to clean the skin. A needle is then injected through the part of rinsed skin into to your vein; specifically in the one that can be seen from the skin. The blood is dragged out from the needle by a nozzle, saved in a vessel and sealed with your name. This sample is carried to the research laboratory for examination. When the needle is injected to pull blood, a number of people feel reasonable pain. Others feel only a pierce or hurtful. Subsequently, there may be some agonizing and slender staining. This soon vanishes. Tracking down a blood sample from a number of people may be more challenging than from others.

2ml serum
6ml red top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Beta Carotene
All age groups

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