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Basophils - Absolute Count Test

Basophils - Absolute Count Test

Basophils are actually a type of white blood cell. Though they’re produced in the bone marrow, they are also present in many tissues throughout the human body. They are included in the immune system and play a crucial role in its proper functioning. Basophil should be moderate or result in problems to the human body. If the basophil level is low, the reason might be due to some allergic reaction. If you have some kind of infection than it will take a longer time to heal. For the people who suffer from too many basophils can result from certain blood cancers. It is only your doctor who can let you know that whether your white blood cell count falls within a suitable range.

The process of getting Basophils checked does not require much preparation. Your doctor will tell you the exact requirement. It is better to go for this test empty stomach as it will give more accurate results. To the more, go stress-free and wear a sleeveless or a short sleeves T-shirt as it will be easy for the lab technician to take the blood sample for the test.

The Basophils test is conducted to check what is the level of Basophils present in the blood. The test will determine what is person undergoing. If the level of Basophils is low, it is called basopenia. This low-level results in Hyperthyroidism. If the level of Basophils is high, it is called basophilia. It can result in Hives, Food allergy, Inflammation, Some forms of leukaemia, Crohn’s disease, Hypothyroidism and Hemolytic anaemia

The procedure for this test is quite simple. You just need to take an appointment with the lab which conducts the test. Go there and blood will be taken from you view which is there on the arm. The lab technician will clean your skin with an antiseptic and tie a rubber band at your arm. This will swell you views and blood will pump put. After that, he will prick the vein and take the blood sample I tube. Once the blood is collected the person will remove the band first and then take out the needle. He will put cotton or band-aid on it to stop the blood.

Red Top Tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Basophils - Absolute Count
All age groups
0-300 cells per microliter
Average price range of the test is between Rs.160 to Rs.200 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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