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Barium Test

Barium Test

Barium swallow test is done to test pharynx, oesophagus, and proximal stomach for any defects or problems. In this case, barium sulphate is used as a contrast which is mixed with water and given to the patients and it looks like a milkshake. In a barium enema, the barium sulphate solution is introduced as an enema through a tube inserted into the rectum. It is done to study the problems affecting the large bowel. A special type of X-ray machine called as the fluoroscope is used, which projects images on a video screen. It is used in diagnosing hiatal hernia, blockages, inflammation, tumours and other such problems in the digestive system.

You should not eat or drink six hours before the barium swallow or barium enema procedure. You are allowed to take sips of water until two hours before the procedure. You should notify your doctor regarding medical conditions like an oesophageal or bowel perforation, bowel obstruction, difficulty swallowing, severe constipation and other such medical conditions as these conditions disqualify you for barium tests.

The barium test helps in diagnosing structural or functional problems with your upper GI tract. The X-ray images and videos that are taken by the fluoroscope will help in identifying medical conditions like a hiatal hernia, inflammation, blockages, muscle problems causing difficulty in swallowing or spasms, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, cancerous and noncancerous tumours.

The patient will be taken to the X-ray room, and he will be given the barium meal to swallow slowly. You will be asked to swallow barium with your head tilted (head down) on the x-ray machine so that the doctor can visualize how your oesophagus works. In some cases, the barium meal will be mixed with ingredients causing gas so that the stomach and duodenum expand and also the barium will coat the inside of your stomach giving a clear image to the radiologist. Fluoroscopy will be used to take several X-ray images.

In a barium enema, barium sulphate solution goes into the rectum through a tube and it enters the large bowel, where the images are taken by the radiologist. Some barium may be drained and replaced with air so that the entire large bowel can be seen with any obstructions.

Whole blood
2ml lavender top tube
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