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Anti Soluble Liver Antigen Test

Anti Soluble Liver Antigen Test

also known as: Anti Soluble Liver Antigen Antibodies

Anti Soluble Liver Antigen is a test that aims at determining, the level of antibodies present in the blood of a person. This test is performed by taking blood samples of the person. In order to confirm the presence of autoimmune liver disease, as well as hepatitis this test is done. It particularly detects quality along with quantity of antibodies that are present in human serum against soluble liver antigen (SLA). Patients who have anti SLA are very much similar, from those with classic type 1 autoimmune hepatitis it can be by age or frequency or nature of various antibodies or else sex distribution. Hence, it only identifies those patients who are suffering from huge diseases and autoimmune hepatitis.

Anti soluble liver antigen test, does not require any special instructions or preparation in particular. Though there is no special preparation, but it is better to inform doctor, if the patient is taking any medications or prone to any allergies, before taking anti soluble liver antigen test. Even if the patient is suffering from any medical conditions, it is essential to inform before undergoing anti SLA test. There is no need to take particular precautions before going to this test. Even there are no restrictions or changes to be done in the daily diet, either before or after the test is done.

Anti soluble liver antigen test is done to detect autoimmune liver disease and hepatitis or any other diseases. Hence, reports of anti SLA test will draw following conclusions: If the number of units of antibodies is less than 20 units, then the test result will be negative. If number of units of antibodies is in between 20.1 to 24.9, then result is equivocal. If the number of units of antibodies is greater than 25 units then the result is positive.

Anti soluble liver antigen test is done by taking the blood sample at the laboratory by technicians. Few milliliters of blood is directly taken from the person. First they clean the area from where blood sample will be collected, with the help of cleaning agent with cotton. Next they search for the vein to collect blood sample. Then needle is inserted into vein and collects the quantity of blood required. Then blood is transferred into the sample tube on which patient name is written. At last collected blood sample is sent to the laboratory to check the result.

serum seperator tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Anti SLA Antibodies
All age groups
Anti SLA Antibodies
Rs 1200 - Rs 2500

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