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Anti Smooth Muscle Antibody Test

Anti Smooth Muscle Antibody Test

also known as: ASMA, Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody Anti-SM Muscle AB F-Actin, Actin IgG

Anti-smooth-muscle antibody is like ANA (anti-nuclear antibodies) that are produced in a human body when the immune system fails to identify between self and non-self adequately. This is when the autoantibodies trespass the body's cells. It causes, autoimmune hepatitis and other forms of liver diseases like primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), Anti-smooth-muscle antibody kind of antibodies is formed against smooth muscle. The tests on these are conducted to identify the presence of autoantibodies in the blood of a human being. These antibodies can be directed against actin, troponin, and tropomyosin. Patients suffering from hepatitis are often asked to go for the test. Doctors recommend undergoing this test if the patient is showing symptoms of the autoimmune disorder. The test is also conducted on patients complaining of fatigue and jaundice that shows abnormal liver tests reports.

This is one of the most straightforward tests. It is painless and does not take time. A blood sample is drawn from the veins of the patient's arm. It would be better to let the doctor know if the patient is on some medications. There are chances that the doctors may ask the patient to refrain from taking the medicines as it may hurt the reports.

The test aidsexamination and reports. It in evaluation of autoimmune disorders like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjogren syndrome. It aids doctors for further tests such as an ENA panel, anti-histone test and more. It helps in measuring the amount of smooth muscle antibody present in the blood. Aids in diagnosing autoimmune hepatitis, type 1 and type 2.

A phlebotomist uses the vein puncture technique to collect blood for examination. The upper part of the arm is tightened with the help of a belt. It is done so that it aids in giving a more precise vein selection. Once the phlebotomist finds the vein, that area is cleaned with the alcohol pad. The needle of the injection is unwrapped in front of the patient. It is mandatory that a fresh needle is used for every patient and every test.

A tube is attached to the needle syringe. The blood is collected in the pre-labelled tube hence. Once the blood collection is done, the belt is loosened, and the pricked area is dabbed with the cotton ball. The collected blood sample is then sent to the research laboratory for further takes day or two to get the reports.

0.5ml serum
3.5ml gold top
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Weakly positive ASMA
All age groups
20 to 30 U
Rs.800- Rs. 3800

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