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Anti HBcore Total Test

Anti HBcore Total Test

Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by intercourse, the sharing of needles and sometimes from mother to child. The Hepatitis B Core Antibody, the anti-HBc, is an antibody to the hepatitis B core antigen. The virus is primarily found in the liver but is also present in the blood and certain body fluids

No special preparation is required. You may continue with your usual daily routine. But, it is highly advisable that you follow the instructions given to you by the lab

This test looks for the Hepatitis B Core Antibody, which is produced during and after an acute Hepatitis B infection. By locating this specific antibody, a positive and accurate diagnosis can be made, and treatment began.
The main uses for Hepatitis B Core tests include:
To diagnose chronic hepatitis
To monitor chronic hepatitis B infection and its treatment
To detect previous exposure to hepatitis B
To screen for hepatitis B infection in at-risk populations or in blood donors
To determine if someone is a carrier
To determine if immunity has developed due to vaccination.
This test is not useful in differentiating between acute, chronic and resolved Hepatitis B infection.

The test is conducted by taking a blood sample. Generally, one set of tests is used as an initial panel of tests to detect hepatitis B infection or to determine the cause of acute symptoms while another set of tests may be used after a diagnosis is made to monitor possible progression of the disease, to detect chronic infection, and/or to determine carrier status. A positive result indicates acute, chronic, or past or resolved hepatitis B.

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Anti HBcore
All age groups
Rs 2000- Rs4500

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