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Allergy - Moth Test

Allergy - Moth Test

Allergies and diseases related to insects are common occurrences. The moth is the adult form of silkworm insect. It is a domesticated insect and is unable to sustain in the wild conditions. The moth carries inhalant allergens, both indoors and outdoors. The insect’s wings have a cover of scales which are potent of harmful airborne exposure. The Allergy Moth test is used to detect the allergies resulting from contact with these insects. This allergy is particularly common amongst bakers, pest control workers, and silk manufacturers. The test is conducted as a blood test and results are lab tested.

You should consult your healthcare official regarding the medicines you take. The doctor will ask you to avoid any medicines that might hamper the results. Other than that, you can wear clothes that are comfortable for the blood test. No special preparations are required.

The principal use of this test is to find the allergens in your blood that cause the allergy. It also examines the extent of IgE antibodies in your blood. Through the test results, the doctor is able to provide you with the appropriate medications and precautionary steps. This allergy, if not treated at the right time, can lead to serious issues and this test informs you of such problems. It reveals the following reactions to this allergy: Asthma and allergic rhinitis Risk of anaphylaxis Continuous abdominal pain, urticaria, vomiting

The test requires of a sample of your blood. It is taken through the following steps: A band is wrapped around the upper arm for stopping the blood flow for some while. The skin area for drawing out the blood is cleaned with an alcohol pad. A needle is inserted into the vein to take out the blood in a tube. The skin is cleaned and bandaged. The results are calculated in the laboratory.

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Allergy - Moth
All age groups
around Rs 1000

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