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Allergy - Garlic Test

Allergy - Garlic Test

also known as: Allergy Garlic Enzyme Assay

Garlic is used to provide delicious flavoring in many foods, while also providing health benefits. Although, many people suffer from allergic reactions from consuming garlic. Since the symptoms of garlic allergy are similar to those caused by other common allergens, it is important for people to deal with their garlic allergy as it can sometimes cause serious health problems. Garlic allergy test is performed on a sample of blood taken from a person to measure the reaction of IgE Antibodies in the blood. IgE antibodies provides a clear indication of the immune response to allergens that are associated with garlic. The test is also known as Allergy Garlic Enzyme Assay.

Traditional allergy tests use the Skin Prick method or Scratch test to determine if an allergic reaction will occur. There is no special preparation required for Allergy Garlic Enzyme Assay Blood. You may experience some discomfort when doing the skin prick test. Inform the doctor about any medications or underlying medical conditions or allergies before undergoing the Allergy Garlic Enzyme Assay Blood test. Patients previously treated with immunotherapy may not get useful results for Testing of IgE antibodies. Some individuals with insignificant sensitivity to allergens may have measurable levels of IgE antibodies in serum. Their results must be interpreted clinically.

This test is useful for testing of IgE antibodies to establish the diagnosis of a garlic allergy disease. It may also be useful to identify allergens which are responsible for garlic allergy disease or an anaphylactic episode. This is done to confirm sensitization of the skin for these antibodies to particular allergens before beginning immunotherapy. For a skin prick method of testing, a positive result is typically shown via raised wheal and red flare reaction on the skin. In the results of a blood test, the level of IgE antibodies depends on the size and number of organs affected by the garlic allergy.

The usual process of allergy test is performed by the skin prick method. The skin is pricked with the help of a needle to expose the skin. Then a garlic extract is placed on the exposed skin so that the doctor or allergist can observe how you react to it. Other processes of performing this test include the blood test. The procedure involves drawing a blood sample from the arm and collecting it in a vile for the further testing process. Many a time the severity of the allergy to garlic depends on the history of the person's exposure to garlic. To get a proper diagnosis of allergy to garlic, a doctor can prescribe better medications.

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Allergy - Garlic
All age groups
Average price range of the test is approximately Rs.900 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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