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Allergen, Individual-Food Moong dal Test

Allergen, Individual-Food Moong dal Test

also known as: Allergy Moong Dal Fluorescence Assay

The allergy caused by moong dal is also known as “Allergy Moong Dal Fluorescence Assay”. The moong dal allergy test is performed on a sample of blood. This is to measure the level of IgE Antibodies in the blood. This test is performed before the treatment to detect the allergy and after the treatment to check the improvement progress of the patient.

No special preparation is required to conduct this test. You can follow your normal routine as usual and also there is no need to make changes in your daily meals or water intake. You are just required to wear comfortable clothes which is either sleeveless or has sleeves which can be easily rolled up. This is done so that the elastic band can be tied on the arm with ease. If any special precaution is required (it may differ from case to case) the doctor will let you know while recommending the test. If you are under any medication or undergoing any sort of physical treatment you should convey the details to your doctor before taking the test.

This test will detect the allergy produced by moong dal. The values that are detected are same for both the sexes. Same method is carried in either case.

To conduct the test, blood sample is needed and for that the health professional will follow the following steps:
The site will be cleaned with an antiseptic liquid.
• An elastic band will be wrapped around your upper arm to stop the flow of blood. Doing so will make the veins below the band larger and will make it easier to put a needle into the vein.
• Using alcohol, the needle site is to be cleaned.
• The needle is inserted into the enlarged vein.
• To collect the blood drawn from the vein, a tube is attached to it.
• When the required amount of blood is drawn, the elastic band is removed.
• A gauze pad or cotton ball is placed over the needle site while slowly removing the needle.
• Pressure is applied on to the site before placing the bandage.

Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Allergy Moong dal
All age groups
Average price range of the test is approximately Rs.900 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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