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3 Methyl Histidine (Urine) Test

3 Methyl Histidine (Urine) Test

3 methyl histidine has a major role in muscle building. 3MEH is synthesized from methylation of action and myosin which are muscle building blocks of human body. 3MEH is a very stable marker of proteolysis of skeletal muscle.

Wear hand gloves and lab coat to avoid any stains during the test procedure. To test histidine you need to have patients of short bowel condition.

This is widely calculated in individuals suffering from neuromuscular dystrophy. Level of 3MEH increases in polymyositis, thyrotoxic myopathy. 3MEH level falls significantly in Hypothyroid myopathy.

Six patients of low bowel were kept on meat free diet and their urine samples are collected after 24 hours.. This sample was tested for 3 methyl histidine by means of Technicon TSM amino acid analyzer. Above steps were repeated for 4-8 days to obtain a mean value. Normal volunteers are kept as control subjects or reference. The percentage turnover per day of myofibrillar part is obtained by Myofibril protein catabolite rate/ Total muscle protein×100. Advanced methods to measure 3 methylhistidine. 1.. EH4250 Human 3MH(3-methylhistidine) ELISA Kit 6.25-400nmol/ml 2.ER1519 Rat 3MH(3-methylhistidine) ELISA Kit 0.156-10nmol/ml.

random urine
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
3 Methyl Histidine Urine
All age groups
128 - 392umol/24u
Rs 1000- Rs 3000

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