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6 Ways To Protect Your Environment!

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6 Ways To Protect Your Environment!

World Environment day is not exactly a public holiday, so people’s normal routines are not affected. However, in over 100 participating countries, all institutions like schools, colleges, and offices recognize and celebrate this day in their own fashion, teaching its members how to protect and preserve the environment. Here are 6 ways in which we can do the same,

  1. Plant trees - This is the easiest and most commonplace suggestion. However, it is also very effective. Ever since man discovered agriculture and transformed itself from hunter-gatherers to domesticated farmers, we have destroyed a huge chunk of the earth’s natural vegetation. Expanding greenery by planting as many shrubs and trees as we can is the best way to protect our environment. A very recent trend includes gifting of pants instead of bouquets of cut flowers or fake shrubbery. These gifts not only help preserve the environment but also touch the receiver’s heart as it symbolizes life.
  2. Carpooling - Controlling air pollution is key to improving environmental conditions. Carpooling is one of the easiest ways to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Cars running on petrol-diesel, consume a lot of fossil fuel. Which is also a nonrenewable resource. Hence, carpooling not only reduces pollution but also reduces the consumption of fossil fuel. Switching from car rides to cycle rides wherever possible is also a green solution. As is, switching to battery-operated electric cars or solar-powered cars.
  3. Waste Management - A lot of problems in our environment is caused by littering and dumping of non-biodegradable waste like plastic. If we recycle our waste and segregate biodegradable from non-biodegradable, we can save the earth a lot of pain!
  4. Conserve Water - Less than 3% of all the water on earth is freshwater. Yet we abuse this resource as if we had an unlimited supply. To protect not just our environment, but also the lives of our future generations we need to conserve water. We can do so in many ways. Some easy ones include - rainwater harvesting, reducing wastage of water via taps while washing hands, clothes or utensils, repairing leaking taps and pipes, etc.
  5. Conserving electricity - Fossil fuel consumption poses multifold problems. It releases carbon dioxide and causes air pollution. It is also a non-renewable resource and hence must be conserved. One can reduce the usage of electricity by leveraging the use of daylight and solar-powered lights and equipment.
  6. Reduce one’s carbon footprint - We can all help our respective nations reduce their carbon footprint by reducing our own. Reduction in usage of plastic in the form of bags, bottles, and containers is the best way to begin. The next steps would be the usage of more green and bio-friendly products and the promotion of such companies.

There are many more things that one can do to protect their environment. These are the 6 easiest ways, to begin with.

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