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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Women's Health

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Mr. Santosh PandeyAcupuncturist • 24 Years Exp.Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)

Namaskaar doston,

I am healer Santosh Kumar Pandey and today my topic of the talk is ladies health, girl’s health and the problems they are suffering from so exactly what you guess. First in the younger age you see lots of pimples, acne and then later you see lots of acidity, hairfall, skin related issues and of course stress because of that so acupuncture is something which is helping them a lot with therapies and we incorporate acupuncture, acupressure, natural therapies and of course some other therapies which we have that hyperbaric oxygen and along with that we do for them colon hydrotherapy also that is very very important to take care of their health and acidity, hormonal issues and then most common problem nowadays is hairfall.

since you know ki aaj ka hamara jo rehen sehen hai jo Lifestyle hai that is something it's not very good I would say why? because it encourages khana peena, rehna Sehna and of course the type of lifestyle we are living bahut sari cheezein aisi hai jo body ko jarurat hai wo hame nahi milti jo nahi jarurat hai jo hame bahut acchi lagti hai as I am talking about hamare diet ke hisaab se bhi, so tamam maida, besan, cheeni and all the things which is not going to suit our body so usse there is an accumulation of toxins in our body so agar usko hum puri tarah se shareer se nikaal nahi paate kisi bhi reason se to hamara shareer kahi na kahi usse affect hona hi hai so wo kis tarah se affect hoga?. So it is going to show you on your body you are going to get little fat side, you will become a little healthier or weight weight will increase and agar wo nahi ya uske sath-sath you will see skin ka texture kharaab hone lagta hai, tamam pimples, acne aane lagte hain, hairfall, dark circles because agar is tarah se khaana-peena hai to usi tarah se hamara lifestyle hai, tamam bojh hai padhne likhne ka bhi hai, bahut saari other jimedaari bhi aane lag jaati hain aur ye sab hone ke baad shayad aap poori tarike se share nahi kar paate ki mujhe iski wajah se bahut saari takleefein hoti hain aur andar hi andar kyunki itni saari cheezein chal rahi hoti hain of course your body’s toxins are going to give you a little more problem then accumulation of the toxins are going to affect this area to PCOD uske alawa menses se related problems uske alawa maine bahut saare cases dekhein hain jisme menstruation ke case mein bahut saara pain hota hai, mood swings hota hai to kahi na khai aap usko cope up nahi kar paate. Again I would request all of you, if you are too young pehle se hi apni jimmedari lijiye, samajhiye, sochiye, discuss kariye, share kariye to usse kya hoga ki aapko bahut saari problems se nikalne ki shakti milegi aur samajh milegi to jitna aap in cheezon ko samjhenge apne aap ko fit rakh sakte hain.

Secondary, genetically kuch log mote hote hain, kuch log patle hote hain, kisi ko aap dekhoge pimples ke problems hote hain unke siblings main bhi aisa raha, unke parents mein bhi aisa raha ya to mummy ko ya to daddy ko and it is ok. So usme kya karna chahiye? Usme sabse pehle aap breathing exercise karein, apne khaane-peene ka dhyaan rakhein koshish karein ki aapka pet clean hota rahe aapko constipation na ho jaaye to uske liye aapko roughage khaana jaruri hai, aapko maida, besan, cheeni ye jo 3 cheezein shareer ke liye sachmuch bahut nuksaandeh hai, zeher ke barabar inki tulna kari jaati hai to uska dhyaan rakhein, kyunki aaj se hi yadi apne apne shareer ka dhyaan rakhna shuru kiya to aage chal ke jo challenges jo ate hain usse bahut haad tak aap apne aap ko nikal paate ho.

Hum kya karte hain at our clinic. We are into acupuncture treatment and naturopathy treatment so our acupuncture is helping a lot for all these problems even lots of cases we have cured like
PCODs, their hormonal problems and hormonal mein again thyroidism bhi aata hai logon ko kam umar mein maine dekha hai 20-25, 25-30 ya after pregnancy maine bahut saare cases dekhe hain, so acupuncture is helping naturally for all these things and of course I have seen lots of girls ya wo jo suffer karti hain after pregnancy like weight put on karna, uske saath unke thyroidism aa jana usme bhi bahut saara hair fall, skin ke problems to unko bahut takleefein hoti hain, bahut saare log jab hum counselling karte hain to hum logon ne dekha hai ki unke andar se pain dikhta hai unke wo jab us cheez ko hamare saath share karte hain to humko bhi ye baat samajh mein aati hai ki kis tarah se hum aise cases ko deal karein. So luckily over the period of time we have learned lots of special things to treat and help all these cases.

So friends anybody who are suffering abhi tak hamare pass 2 hi centre hain but still i would say wherever you are seeing someone in your family or relatives so please unko guide kariye natural therapies ke liye, unke khaane-peene ke liye, unko acupuncture, yoga, pranayaam, meditation ke liye aur it is the simple and very effective way so they can get cured, they can get really good health with this so uske baad agar nahi samajh mein aata hum log jaldi-jaldi chemicals mein lag jag jaate hain bahut saari dawayian khaate hain, unke bahut saare other side effects bhi hote hain to koshish karein ya unko is\s tarike se train karein aur natural therapies mein jayen aur is tarike se apne shareer ko fit rakh payen.

Thank you!

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