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Why Is Homeopathic Treatment Important?

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Dr.Shubhangi Kaushal 87% (111ratings)
BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopathy Doctor, Gurgaon  •  25years experience
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This is Dr. Shubhangi Kaushal. I am a homeopath. I am practicing for the last 23 years and today I want to tell you about why treating your problems homeopathically is so important. When you treat your problems through homeopathy, it is treated in a way where your own brain or your own defense mechanism chooses the way to treat the problem. It is addressed by your own immune system. Any given homeopathic remedy depending upon your all signs and symptoms, investigations and all, it improves and helps or stimulates your immune system to treat your problem. And rather than interfering by any other means its always better to leave it to your own system to treat the problem.

That’s why we expect a better response, better results and that way not only your particular system, your particular symptoms gets better but the whole organism in general starts feeling energetic, start having a feeling of well being. We also say that you get wiser. You have better responses, better immunity and in a more intelligent way you can handle your things. So when the homeopathic treatment is successful, then the inner system is in much more better shape. The patient is friendlier. He has a passion for life. He has faith or more plans or better plans for the future. He has joy, that eternal joy and he enjoys life.

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