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What Is A Healthy Diet?

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Dt.Sarika Nair 89% (74ratings)
Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  6years experience
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My name is Sarika Nair. I'm a diet and lifestyle consultant. I'm also available on lybrate and you can consult me via their website or their app. So, today we are going to talk about what exactly is a healthy diet? now we keep hearing this word diet diet diet …aap hamesha sunte ho ki log diet kar raha hoon, diet karne wali hoon, karna hai, nahin karna hai hain. So many things we hear and the most common thing that we hear is mujhe nahi karna diet-wiet, yaar kuch khane ko nahin milta hai fir. There is a common thing that we hear, so is diet really the kala bhoot that we are scared of, or is it something which is so torturous that we have to go through it when there is no option left. So as a diet consultant I will go ahead and tell you ki no diet aisa kuch bhi nahin hai. Healthy diet is something jo hum bachpan se khate aaye hain, whatever is available naturally and which is grown naturally, which doesn't come out of a packet is a healthy diet so why are we so scared of the word diet and why do you think it is something new ki wo mujhe alag se karna padega, there are many reasons for that and the biggest reason is that we are not eating well, we are so busy ham itne busy Ho Gaye hain ki hamare pass dhang se khane ka time hi nahin hai and we just keep postponing our healthy eating things. Secondly because we are so used to eating wrong, when it comes to eating right we start thinking that it's too much work, but if you think about that eating healthy aisi cheez hai jo sabse jyada naturally humko aani chahiye.

We should be able to do it most naturally sabse kam usmein soch jaani chahiye, but the problem is that we are worried about it the most because for us diet means something aisa plan jo aapko bohot kam khane dega, jo aapko starve karega, aapki sari favourite cheezein hata dega and basically aapko ubla hua khana khane ko bolega, that is what people think is diet, but no it's not diet. Diet is not like that today I will tell you that forget all the fad diets and I'm sure you can just google it and you will find tons and tons of diets which tell you ki watermelon diet per chale jao, apple diet per chale jao and that is something which stresses us, but that is something which we also want because humko chahiye quick-fix ki main jyada mehnat na karun mere ko jaldi se kuch mil jaaye, but ye sab karne se we are harming ourselves and then we are stressing about it. you're stressing about it, you're gaining more weight, your health is deteriorating it is a very bad cycle so what we should be doing? healthy eating diet jo hai iska basic meaning kya hai? Aisi diet jo aapko sare micronutrients and macronutrients de. What are the macronutrients? the bigger nutrients that we need are carbohydrates, fats and proteins and what are the micronutrients? your vitamins and minerals. Ek diet jo aapko sab kuch ye deti hai that is a healthy diet in the right proportion of course, I am not saying that aap ek roti le lo usmein char chammach ghee dal ke khao that is also giving you fat and carbs right? but in the right proportion jo diet aap ko deti hai.

If you look at the Indian thali of different regions, every region has its own version of traditional thali each thali minus the excess fat and ghee of course is a very good example of a healthy diet because it has your roti, it has your rice, it has your pulses, legumes, dals, your vegetables, salad then hamesha usmein nimbu hota hai to all these things are a healthy diet. So I would say ki chuck the crash diets just eat the traditional way, of course you can eat whatever you like because it is everywhere, the food is calling you from all the banners and the swiggy and everywhere but the point is that if you just treat that as a treat and if you eat your regular food as a regular food to aapko kabhi kuch crash diet karne ki jarurat nahi padegi and you will not be scared of the word diet. So diet is not something to be scared of.

Eat smartly, eat healthily and please don't remove any nutrient jaise ki aajkal carbs ka itna kharab naam hai ki sabko lagta hai roti aur chawal band kar do and I will lose weight but it's not like that because roti and chawal jo carbs hai they give you so many important nutrients jo aapke hormones ke banne mein, aapke nutrients ke travel karne ke liye jaruri hai, so don't do that, don't get into the trap just eat healthily and always always remember to stop before you are 100% full, that is very important ki hum TV dekhte hue khate hain and we just keep eating, eating and eating so stop before 100% full and drink lots of water and you should be healthy. So don't stress about it what stress is going to give you is extra kgs only, don't stress about it, focus on overall health, eat healthily, stay healthy, stay happy see you. For more such updates you can follow me on lybrate where we keep sharing such important and helpful information and you can also consult me via lybrate so keep following the page and keep staying healthy.

Thank you.

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