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Ways To Breathe Clean Air Indoors And Outdoors!

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Ways To Breathe Clean Air Indoors And Outdoors!

A healthy environment results in a healthy body. Imagine the health differences between our current selves and those of hunter-gatherers. Wouldn’t you agree that even though we have better technology and equipment, they’d have better strength, fitness, immunity, and general resilience against diseases? So what can we attribute this better health to? Has technological development and separation of human bodies from its natural environment made it weaker? Maybe it was because they breathed in fresh air whether they were indoors or outdoors. Or maybe it was the fact that their indoors was also outdoors. The air inside our homes today is at times more polluted than that outside. In fact, microparticles found inside houses are often known to cause life-threatening diseases!

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to spread awareness about the extent to which we have polluted our environment. And the importance of protecting the same. Clean air is the most important element of our environment. However, pollution often takes this privilege away from us, whether we are indoors or outdoors. Following are a few ways to ensure we breathe clean air,

Precautions to take when indoors

  1. Purify the environment - one can do this by organic or inorganic means. The first involves using indoor potted plants and the latter use of purifiers and dehumidifiers. Either method helps in getting rid of pollutants and improving the oxygen levels.

  2. Avoid smoking indoors - smoking indoors directly releases pollutants that degrade the air quality within one’s house. Hence, one should avoid it at all costs

  3. Take care of your AC - while it may sound like a chore that is important to regulate the temperature of your indoor environment, it has a direct effect on your health. AC filters can trap bacteria and allergens, which can cause diseases if not cleaned regularly. Hence, it's important to service one’s AC regularly and keep its filters clean.

  4. Minimize the presence of pollutants - the most harmful pollutant in our atmosphere is called VOCs. These are emitted from common use articles like paints or building material. Hence, one must open windows and air the working space when using these items.

Precautions to taken when outdoors

  1. Using barriers - Usage of masks serves as a filter through which the polluted outdoor air must pass before you breathe it in. Hence, it is the easiest way to ensure you breathe better outside.

  2. Check Air quality - make sure you check air quality, especially before stepping out. While exercise in the outdoor environment is recommended for better health, stepping out in smog can be more detrimental than advantageous!

  3. Avoid smoke - whenever you pass a chimney or an evident exhaust spouting black smoke, avoid breathing it in. While you can’t stop yourself from breathing completely, it’ll help if you can cover your mouth or hold your breath while you pass the particular area.

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