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Vocal Polyp

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Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak 91% (254 ratings)
ENT Specialist, Noida  •  11 years experience
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I am Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak. Today I am going to discuss with you regarding a medical condition of your underline throat that is called as Vocal Polyp. It is a type of voice disorder. So what happens? There is a formation of a polyp over the vocal cords. So vocal cords are the structures which are responsible for speech production. So because of this polyps, the patient develops hoarseness of voice. So the main symptoms in case of vocal cord polyp is a hoarseness of voice. So, there are various types of voice disorders. So, number 1, whenever there is a structural abnormality over the vocal cord like vocal polyp, vocal nodule, Reinke's edema or there are certain functional disorder like dysphonia. So in case of, whenever a patient of hoarseness of voice comes in OPD, first of all we do certain investigations or examination. Number 1 is laryngoscopy examination.

This can be done like OPD basis or in operation theatre. So first of all we look at the movement of vocal cord or any structural abnormality or any functional abnormality of the vocal cords. So the patient is having vocal polyp, we suggest certain type of surgery that is called as microlaryngeal surgery. So basically microlaryngeal surgery is a surgery to remove the vocal polyp with minimal damage to the vocal cords. So, with fine instruments we excise the polyp and the patient can gain a normal voice after the surgery or with other disorders we can treat accordingly like if a patient is having a dysphonia, we can give certain type of speech therapy or certain medical treatment is also there, we can give proton pump inhibitors also. So basically the management of a patient of hoarseness of voice depends upon the cause which has caused hoarseness of voice. So if a patient is having vocal polyp, we can excise the polyp by microlaryngeal surgery.

If the patient is having functional disorder, we can treat it accordingly. If a patient is having the goats over the vocal cord, we can excise the tissue and send it for histopathological examination to rule out any malignancies especially for patient is above 60 years and patient is chronic smoker. So, the management is medical or surgical. That's much. So in our centre we are doing this microlaryngeal surgery. Anybody can come and go for consultation if the patient is having hoarseness of voice especially if a patient is above 60 years.

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