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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Urogynecological Problem

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Dr. Uddhavraj DudhediaGynaecologist • 28 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology -, Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology


This is Dr. Uddhavraj Dudhedia once again. I also specialize in treating patients having chronic pelvic pain or uro-gynaecological problems like urine issue, simple problems like poor control of urine, painful urination, frequent urination or hesitant urination also are uro-gynaecological problems which can be treated by medical and surgical interventions. The methods of diagnosis may involve proper assessment of the urine which can be routinely examined, culture sensitivity and ultrasound of the urinary bladder, ureter and the kidneys and clinical examination which will involve local examination and assessment of the patient's symptoms. After this, there might be specialized investigations such as uro-dynamic study which may also give a better idea of the process of urination and uro-flowmetry and then the patient can be subjected to proper management to relieve the complaints.

At times we may do an endoscopic evaluation of the bladder known as cystoscopy which may give us insights of the internal organic problem of the urinary bladder and the ureter's urinary flow of the urine inside the bladder and the assessment of the urethra and its sphincters. These ailments can be very well effectively treated by a multidisciplinary approach and what I want to emphasize is a very common problem in women is urinary incontinence in which the first common problem is the stress urinary incontinence. This involves leak of urine during coughing, lifting heavy weights or any stressful situation or even at times when the patient laughs loudly there is a leak of urine. This is known as genuine stress incontinence and this can be treated by a very minimally invasive approach. There are various procedures described for different types of urinary incontinence. However, thorough clinical evaluation, patient history, clinical examination, time of patient's symptoms, age of the patient can help us to choose the right procedure for the patient and have a very high cure rate for this ailment and very satisfactory result. So women should not hesitate seeking treatment for these complaints and they should go to the right specialist to seek the right treatment.

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