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Tips To Maintain Hygeine During Menstruation (Periods)

Dr. Shiwani Agarwal 96% (845 ratings)
DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MBBS
Gynaecologist, Mumbai  •  18 years experience
Tips To Maintain Hygeine During Menstruation (Periods)
Generally the 3--4 days during periods are the most inconvenient and sometimes messy for all women.
By applying a few general rules you can make your life easy and comfortable.
1. You should change your pad after every 4--5 hours even though it may not be fully soaked as because the same pad for hours together-----from morning to evening can cause irritation of the private parts.
This is applicable especially for youngsters and college students who may be away from home for long hours for college or tuition or classes and surroundings may not be convenient.
2. Always carry 2 extra pads in your bag or purse and also a spare undergarment.
Sometimes during heavy flow days the undergarment may get soiled and can cause a lot of discomfort.
3. Always carry some tissue papers in your handbag. Especially during periods. They may come handy while using a public toilet.
4. Try keeping a small thin plastic bag in your purse for obvious reasons.
5. You can apply any anti fungal dusting powder to your private parts twice daily during periods after a bath. Having bath twice daily is advisable.
6. Some women suffer from rashes during periods. Try changing the brand of your sanitary napkin. Maybe the one you are using presently does not suit your skin type.
7. In case the rashes are too much. You can apply some anti fungal and anti bacterial ointment over the affected part. Candid -b is the one which is most widely available and you don't need a prescription for that.
8. Avoid wearing excessively tight pants and especially jeans. Some loose comfortable cotton clothing is advisable.
9. If you have too much pain during periods you can use otc medicines like tab. Cyclopam for pain relief. You should always carry a strip of this medicine in your purse.
10. Drink lots of water or juices or coconut water and keep yourself well hydrated.
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