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Things To Know About Acne

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I am Dr. Kiran. I am going to talk to you about Acne. Acne is something that will affect 80% of people at least once in their lifetime. So if you are getting acne you're not alone. First things first- blackheads, white heads- all part of acne. Those little papules which appear on your face- acne. The cystic nodules or those pimples which have the whiteheads- also acne. All of it is in the spectrum of acne. Acne can be caused by a disease called Acne Vulgaris but acne can also be caused by Acne rosacea and also sometimes by something called Seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff of the face can also cause something which looks like acne. So if you have acne there are a lot of reasons why you are getting those pimples.

And you know what, a dermatologist can always help you figure that out. So what you need to look out is what to do. Now, acne can happen to anyone and it does happen to anyone but it is caused by a lot of things. One is hormonal changes. If you are a teenager in a growing phase you will get acne. If you are an adult then and you might be having PCOS. Also your dietary habits, so food is a big cause of Acne. So we need to look at what food is triggering you. We find very often that dairy products can trigger acne. Then also things like certain products can cause acne. Stress is a huge cause of acne. Sometimes we get acne we do not know why. So acne can be caused by so many different things. Next is treatment.

Skin specialist an aesthetic physician can help you treat your acne. You have to do is either tropical or oral or both medication for 3-6 months. We also do dietary evaluation so we can help you change the diet and we also counsel you to create a skincare routine to also prevent acne and to treat it. These are simple things we can also do to help get rid of your acne. Last thing which we do is certain facials which helps you get rid of them faster. Those are things that clean you out, clean up blackheads and whiteheads so they don't turn into pimples and at the end of the day you should have clear skin and you will because acne is exceedingly treatable.


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