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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Swarna Prashana And Its Importance

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Dr. Jyoti Girotra GandhiAyurvedic Doctor • 16 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MBA


I am Dr. Jyoti Girotra Gandhi, Ayurveda. Today I will talk about suvarnaprashan and acient sanskar mention in kasaysayan. Nowadays, parents have become very conscious about their kid's health. They want the best Drs for them. And when they enter Drs' clinic, they bombard with so many questions. I have a set of mothers who come along with the golu molu child and say mera bacha kuch khata nahi hai. This is out of the love and care that they become so apprehensive. They say that their child is a fussy eater, picky eater, does not eat well, weight is not increasing according to his age. His height is not increasing, vision is deteriorating because of a lot of screen time. His nature is very hyperactive and destructive. He doesn't concentrate on studies. He catches cough and cold easily. So, a simple answer to all such queries is getting his or her suvarnaprashan done.

People do not know much about suvarnaprashan and that is what I want to update you about. The name itself suggests that it is a medicine contains gold ash and many other tonics like vacha, brahmi, shankh pushpi which is very important for cognitive functioning. It has a property of nanoparticles. So, it can penetrate the deepest and smallest tissue of the body and balance all the doshas. It is very safe to get children. And what is the best time to give this to the kids? It is given every pushpinakshatra which comes every 27 day of the month. It is the way of nourishment. And medicines is very well absorbed in the body. What is the recommended age? This can be given from birth to 16 years of age. Because this is the maximum age. It is given in every month but in some cases, we recommend to give daily for 3 or 6 months depending upon case to case. What are its benefits?

It improves the immunity, enhances digestion, senses all the 5 sensory organs, improves physical and mental strength and many other miraculous results. There are children who have the problem of sinusitis, tonsillitis. There are autistic children who develop the milestone of speech after having 3-4 doses. There are children whose weight have been significantly improved. There are children who use to fell ill every winter. For a few premature babies, Dr says that they will not sustain but because of this, they are very well managed to do so. The list is unending. And as parents, we vaccinate our kids against many diseases like polio, typhoid, tetanus so, why not a single Ayurveda vaccination which can give them immunity to fight against all these diseases. If you have any query, you can contact me through Lybrate.

Thank You.

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