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Skin Tightening And Brightening Procedure

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Dr. Anvika Mittal 87% (60 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS, Diplomate of American Board of Laser Surgery
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  15 years experience
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Hi! Everyone,

Dr Anvika here the Dermatologist practicing in Pitampura, Delhi and today we are going to talk about the skin tightening and brightening procedure by technology called microneedling RF.

So very first, I am going to demonstrate the steps and then we are going to talk about the frequently asked questions. So today we have a beautiful lady in her 60’s who wants to get the skin tightening and brightening done. The very first we are going to clean the entire face, so after cleaning the face we will apply the numbing cream, so the numbing cream is applied all over the face and it is left for an hour so that the procedure is rendered very comfortable for the patients. We apply the numbing cream all over the face so that the procedure is really rendered comfortable for the patients. So we stretch the skin and we actually start giving the shots. You can see the patient is comfortable like this we will cover the entire face and the neck. The person can get it done on hands, person can get it on the chest, on the buttocks, so wherever, a person is looking for skin tightening and brightening they can get this microneedling RF procedure done. So after the procedure there is mild swelling in redness which remains for around 2 hours and after that person is ready to go back to work or to party or wherever. So as you can see in this procedure, the needles actually get inside the skin and release the radio frequency energy. So that's why this procedure is very effective because we are actually getting inside the skin to bring about a real change. So, microneedling radio frequency is an excellent procedure, to get the skin tightening and brightening. How does it work? The microneedles, actually get inside the skin and releases the radio frequency energy. Now as wall is made up of brakes skin is made up of elastic and collagen fibres, once the radio frequency energy gets inside the skin it tells the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, as the skin slowly forms the new collagen and elastin the skin gradually titans and brightens. How many sessions are required? Around three sessions done at once in a month interval are required. How much time does each section takes? Each section takes around 2 hours. Now is it painful? When the procedure is done after the prior application of the numbing cream? Now once the skin is numbed, the procedure is rendered pretty comfortable for everyone. Is it really safe? Well all this procedures are US FDA approved for safety and efficacy, it’s really safe provide it done using a US FDA approved machine and done under a doctor supervision who has the right expertise for the machines. Now once the results are attain for how long do they last? After the three sessions the result last for around 1 to 2 years depending upon the person's life style and is getting the repeat session done necessity, not at all. Once after you get the desired results after 2 years suppose the results vein of you are back to 0 but never minus one that is your skin won't look even more haggard if you don't opt the procedure again. So choosing the procedure again is entirely out of choice and never out of dependency.

So finally in case you are looking for that instant brightness and skin tightening and safe and effective manner do contact us on the given address. Thank you.

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