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Semi-Permanent Makeup: Consider It For Super Natural Look

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Dr. Lipy Gupta 89% (75 ratings)
MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  15 years experience
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Hello everyone.

This Lipy Gupta once again and here we are launch we are to launch another technique of semi-permanent makeup.

Semi-permanent makeup as the name suggests is a technique for enhancing of eyebrow and eyelashes and introducing a new bright lip color. It’s a technique in which we introduce a pigment into your skin and this pigment stays for approximately 3 years. It is not like tattoo which is going to stay with you for life and which bleached over a period of time, this is the main difference between a tattoo and a semi-permanent makeup. The pigment which is used in semi-permanent makeup is 100% organic and doesn’t bleach with time. It fades gradually and gives you a very natural and good lasting results which you would love and like to maintain again and again. The technique of this procedure is very simple. In this when a patient come to us, we assess the patient, we tell the patient about the procedure and how the procedure is going to be carried out. A tropical numbing cream is applied on the area to be treated, the procedure is generally performed under two sittings which are four to six weeks apart, and the pigment is introduced using a fine sterile needle after an area which is properly cleaned and sterilized. After the cleaning is done and the area has been sterilized the pigment is introduced in the skin. You can see a change of the pigment and the skin color immediately which you can appreciate like fine hair strands on the eyebrow and a neat liner in case someone is going for an eye line eye liner enhancement. Last for around three years, give you natural long lasting result and this is a clear cut answer of when you don’t want to do make up every day. The procedure is extremely safe and doesn’t have any side effects and it’s a walking procedure. You can come at a doctor’s clinic get it done and resume work immediately. The result of this procedure are do matched by natural enhancement and do not look artificial. It gives greenish color to the skin.

We are here answer your queries and welcome you in case you have any quick questions. Thank you.

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