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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Say GoodBye To Daytime Fatigue In 5 Unbeatable Ways

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Dr. Sanchayan RoyGeneral Physician • 26 Years Exp.DNB (Medicine), MBBS
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Say GoodBye To Daytime Fatigue In 5 Unbeatable Ways

There are times when despite sleeping the required number of hours at night, we are tired throughout the day, feeling drowsy and low on energy. This is fatigue and most of us have faced it from time to time. What is frustrating at such times is that one feels mentally and physically drained for no particular reason. It is advised not to let this feeling settle for too long. Instead, try the following to revive your energy.

1. Avoid caffeine: When tired, a lot of us are in the habit of picking a mug of coffee. What we forget is that caffeine consumption for a long time can also be a reason behind the fatigue.
If you are suffering from daytime fatigue, try to cut down on your caffeine intake. It stimulates the adrenal glands, so if you are a regular consumer you can feel exhausted. Once you are no longer addicted to caffeine, you will notice that you are feeling energetic throughout the day with no signs of fatigue.
2. Breakfast protein: If you ask ten people randomly what they had for breakfast, almost all will say something with carbohydrate. We tend to include proteins in our other meals and not always in the first meal of the day. Carbohydrates get converted to glucose and cause sugar levels in the blood to rise. This gives instant energy, but doesn't last very long. By mid-morning, the sugar level dips, thus causing fatigue and lethargy. At this point, a lot of people look for yet another sugar rush. Instead, include proteins in your breakfast. Eggs, bacon, salmon, black gram and other foods high in protein should be included in the first meal of the day. When protein is teamed with carbohydrates, the blood sugar level remains stable over the day.
3. Avoid alcohol: Not many people link the two, but if you are feeling fatigued or lethargic during the day, it may have to do with your alcohol consumption the night before. This is because the alcohol present in your system didn't allow you to sleep well for most parts of the night. So while you did sleep for full eight hours, you didn't sleep well.
4. Sleep on time: Many young people stay awake till wee hours in the morning or sleep for only a few hours. Or even worse, they sleep during daytime. This rocks your biological clock in ways unimaginable. Your biological clock is used to responding to light and darkness. You body is supposed to be busy during the day and relaxed during the night. Staying indoors during the day, sleeping, is not a good idea. You body needs outdoor exposure at that time. If you are feeling drowsy or lethargic during the day, go for a short walk.
5. Exercise: One needs to keep the body active to keep the mind alert. Early morning exercise, especially if it is outdoors, has a very positive effect on one’s mind. As a result, one feels energetic throughout the day and there is no sign of fatigue.
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