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Safety In Hair Transplant

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Dr.Sumit Agrawal 88% (89ratings)
MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai  •  21years experience
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Myself Dr. Sumit Agrawal, I am a consultant plastic surgeon and hair transplant surgeon. Today I am going to discuss about safety in hair transplant. Recently there was a news in the media about that following hair transplant which is quiet an unfortunate incident, earlier also there have been some unfortunate incidents reported after hair transplants in Chennai and in Hyderabad. There was also and quite a popular which has gone viral about complication, skin infection complication happened after hair transplant in Pakistani actor Shahzad Khan. As such all the cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant surgeries are quite safe, successful and result oriented but yes any surgery there is always risk involved and there is a downtime involved. So, it is always preferable to have an idea, do your homework before jumping on the procedure. With newer advanced and all minimal invasive techniques like FUE hair transplant, the risk has become less but it is still better to do a good work up, your homework before embarking on a hair transplant journey just to avoid any surprises and all. So, first and foremost is the deciding the clinic from where you plan to get hair transplant done, so you have to check the credentials of your doctor, you have to ask him if is he the operating surgeon who is going to operate on you or may be he is just the face and he is going to hire another surgeon who is going to operate you and you may just see him on the day of the procedure but not before and after that day or he may just hire a doctor which has hired a so called OT technicians who are unqualified, not qualified to do that procedure on you.

So, you have to check whether the doctor you are talking to, you are consulting is he a qualified surgeon to do the hair transplant procedure, does he has a good experience of doing the hair transplant procedure, you have to check the before after results of cases done by him. So this is the first thing. Second thing is you have to ask, you have to check about sterility of the operation theatre or the clinic, maybe you can ask the surgeon to show the theatre, maybe if it is occupied you can get an idea about the hygiene of the clinic from right from by observing the clinic premises and all, so sterility is quite important. Third thing, you need to ask your doctor about their equipment and like how prepared are they in case of any unforeseen complications and do they have any tie-ups or they are associated with any hospital in case of any emergencies. So, these are the 3 things which you should confirm with your surgeon before taking a decision about undergoing the hair transplant. Apart from this, you should be quite careful about tall claims made by some clinics like they will claim painless hair transplant or maybe scar less hair transplant or like just walk in for the hair transplant, no downtime hair transplant, you can resume office the next day so it is not like that. Hair transplant is safe and successful but it's not an OPD procedure or it's not a just lunch hour procedure.

So there is nothing like painless hair transplant, there is always some pain associated when you give local anesthesia at the start of the procedure but it is just at the start, once the anaesthesia is given you are quite comfortable during the procedure and you can just comfortably walk out in the evening out of the clinic. Yes, there will be a slight heaviness in the head at the end of a procedure because of local anaesthesia so we can start painkiller at having it at lunch hour and all and which takes of the heaviness and post operative discomfort. Swelling, swelling is most of the time there is some swelling after the hair transplant, there is swelling, swelling maybe just visible or sometimes it can be quite obvious also so we advise you to take a rest for two to three days after the transplant and maybe avoid any important social or professional meetings for the first week.

So there is downtime associated with transplant that it's scar less hair transplant, there is nothing like scar less hair transplant. If there is a surgery there is going to be a scar formation, the scar maybe less visible or more visible depending upon the technique which is employed, if it is an FUE technique or a strip transplant or maybe a cathopathic of the strip with a strip technique. Yes, but the scars are like quite heading they are well covered even then the hairs are quite short, so you have to be careful and while deciding the clinic so if you take all these things in your mind and due diligence before deciding upon a transplant, I think you will in quite safe hands to do that procedure and you can expect a safe and good results from your hair transplant procedure. If you have any more queries about safety in the hair transplant procedure or you want to discuss the details for unfortunate incidences like that in hair transplant which happened last month, you can write your queries to us at

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