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Respiratory Allergy - Every Important Detail About It!

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Dr.Seema Poddar 93% (71ratings)
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I am Dr. Seema Poddar, I am a Homeopath. Today I am going to tell you in detail about respiratory allergy, what are they? Its causes, it's signs and symptoms and finally its treatment with homeopathy. So, ready friends? Let’s start. What is an Allergy? An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system reacts abnormally to certain substances or chemicals also known as allergens, which are found in the atmosphere and it may be harmless. Respiratory allergy is the most common of all these allergies. It may occur at any age group irrespective of it's gender. A respiratory allergy occurs due to the abnormal or negative reaction of the immune system to the certian allergens in the atmosphere like dust. Although, normally these substances do not pose any threat to our body, yet at times the immune system or the antibodies in our body consider them as dangerous and they release a chemical substance like histamine which will fight with them and keep our body same, this response of the body to the allergens is expressed in the form of symptoms like cold or rashes and many more symptoms. And this is an allergy.

Now let us understand what are the factors that cause them? The most common being dust or pollen, these dust mites or colons which are present indoors when the person inhales them, he may get respiratory allergy. Also, moles, when exposed to that and person, inhales them also give rise to respiratory allergies. Also, pet dander when a person is exposed to or he comes in contact with the saliva of that pet dander, the person may come down with respiratory allergy. Also, certain factors that trigger a respiratory allergy are exposure to irritants like fumes or smoke or perfumes or many more. Now, how do we understand that the person is suffering from a respiratory allergy? This is through some signs and symptoms. Although these signs and symptoms vary from person to person, depending upon what the person is suffering from that is whether his airway or his eyes or any other part of the body is affected, for example, if the person is having too much of cough or sneezing or nasal discharge or nose block, running nose, nasal congestion, breathing difficulty, swelling of the eyelids, irritation in the eyes, watering of the eyes, redness of the eyes also sinus pressure, all these are symptoms of respiratory allergy. When severe it may also lead to tightness in the chest, asthma, also conjunctivitis.

Now let us understand how do we treat it with homeopathy? Homeopathic treatment is based on a paradoxical theory. We believe that a substance which is capable of producing a couple of symptoms is also capable of curing them. Hence, our aim in homeopathy is to understand the underlying cause, to evaluate it properly and then to eliminate it from the body so that this allergy does not occur again and again. As I have shared with you earlier allergy is due to the abnormal reaction of the body to the allergens. This is due to the weak immune system. Homeopathic medicines improves or boosts the immune system and brings it to the level such that the reaction does not occur again and again. Hence the person does not suffers from the allergy again and again. Conventional treatment, in which we give medication and drugs may have many side effects however, homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects. Since it is made from the natural ingredients or substances. Hence it is safest for the use. And allergy is curable, if did it promptly, however, if left as it is for a long time without any treatment, it can quickly aggravate a life-threatening condition like anaphylaxis. Hence if you see these signs and symptoms, immediately contact a homeopathic physician. I hope this video helps you to understand what is an allergy, and its effects on the body also how homeopathy helps us in treating the allergy. It is the best and the safest treatment in the present world. Do go for homeopathy without hesitation. If any queries or any more information, please feel free to contact me on lybrate.

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