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Protein Diet - Things You Should Know About

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BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, PG Diploma In Dietitics & Hospital Food Service
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  16years experience
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I am Dt. Charmi Gala, Dietitian/Nutritionist. Today I will talk about protein. What is protein? What are the uses of it in the body? If we are deficient then some quick remedies from the kitchen which will help you to increase your protein intake. What is protein? We have been hearing since childhood. What do you mean it? Its amino acids which come together and make a molecule of protein. We need it as a building block of the body. It is something to give structure to our body. Apart from that, it is gonna do other wonderful things like maintaining your blood sugar, maintain weight, elevate your mood, keep your energy levels high. It is also advisable for patients who have undergone cardiac problem, so it is quite heart friendly. Apart from structure, protein has a lot of other roles in the body. 1. Transporting a lot of material from our body to all other organs. Eg, Hemoglobin is the part of red blood cells.

It is used in a lot of other things like skin, hair, eyes. The protein present is called ad keratin. 2. Protein is also needed to maintain weight, stabilizes the blood sugar, elevates your mood, boost energy, it is also recommended for people who have a heart problem. Now, we need to understand why are we not able to have a sufficient amount of protein in our diet. 70% of the Indian population have poor muscles mass leading to fatigue, typhoid, laziness, overweight, obesity and a lot of medical issues. The reasons why are we not able to have protein is deficiencies. We think we are having a balanced diet. But, a lot of people are not aware of what they are eating or they don't even know what is the protein requirement. Also, there is an over dependency on grains like rice and chapatis. Another myth is that people think the only gym, athlete people should take protein.

That is absolutely false. Now, I will give you a quick fix from your kitchen to complete the deficiency of protein. A glass of milk or hand full of nuts include chia seeds in your breakfast, make some granola bars which you can carry wherever you are. Carry yogurt or yogurt dip or some sprouts which can be included in the lunch. Besan chilla moong daal chilla can be a fix for the people who travel. Remember, people who are eating non-veg food, include eggs once or twice daily. In your 4 pm snacking, you can include hummus, sprouts, a hand full of almonds, a slice of cheese and some yogurt. This you can do so as to avoid processed food. We should know that there are hidden calories and a lot of carbohydrates or salt to our diet. In case, you are still short of protein requirement, this is the best time to eat khichadi, besan chilla, paneer paratha which can give a perfect end to your day. Looking forward to these changes in your diet. Continue eating more and more protein for good metabolic health and good body comes.

Thank You.

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