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Last Updated: May 05, 2023

Parkinson's Disease - Know The Benefits Of Homeopathy In It

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Dr. Ajit ShivachHomeopathy Doctor • 20 Years Exp.BHMS


This is Doctor Ajit Shivach from Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. Today I will talk about disease Parkinson’s, this is the most common neurological disorder nowadays and the causes of this disease are not yet known very much but really the genetic mutation and some toxic effects of using some toxic drugs can cause Parkinson's.

So the most common clinical features of this disease are tremors, rigidity in the movement, postural instability in which the person is not able to maintain his posture properly and freezing of the limbs, lower limbs, especially when he tries to walk, later on, it can lead to dementia, can lead to insomnia i.e. sleeping disorders and even loss of smell i.e. anosmia. So these are all the symptoms and why this disease happens?

This disease occurs because of the loss of dopamine-producing neurons, these dopamine-producing neurons are present in the substantia nigra of the brain, whenever these cells start dying the dopamine which is important in controlling the motor cortex of our brain which helps in the movement of the limbs is decreased so this state leads to Parkinson’s.

Now what happens with such type of patients they start to have tremors at rest and there is a pill-rolling effect like you can see on my hand this type of movement starts occurring with these type of patients involuntarily, they cannot stop it and if you want to clinically testify it there is cogwheel rigidity of the hands if you try to unfold hand of a patient it will be cogwheel rigidity. So these are the clinical features and let us discuss about its treatment in homeopathy.

In homeopathy we have a very nice treatment of this disease, in the past, I have cured many patients of this disease like with Mag Mur. One of the patients came with this disease he was totally cured with the Mag Muriaticum 200 and within a treatment of 1 year, he was okay. He started resuming his daily routine in a very nice and smooth way, another patient was cured with Apis and 3rd one was cured with Arsenic Album and like this many patients have been cured, not fully cured but 90% of their lifestyle was restored to normal, still they are on treatment and the way of selecting the medication in homeopathy is just case taking. You have to go through a very rigorous case taking of the patient, you got to know all the mental, physical, general and all these symptoms and they are clubbed and some medication is picked out and that medications start to work in any kind of disease.

So this is all about Parkinson's and we can treat it very beautifully with homeopathy, homeopathy and do wonders in this disease.

Thank You.

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