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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Parenting - Know More About It!

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Mrs. Meghna SinghPsychologist • 7 Years Exp.Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology, MA in Psychology
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Can parenting be a smooth ride? Well, yes it is quite possible but to achieve the smooth ride here are few tips both mother and father should remember and strive for:

1. Mutual agreement on how to bring your child: habits, diet, education, moral values, pampering.
2. Be clear on- do you want to provide your child that you missed in your own childhood or how you want him to become? there is a huge difference in the two.
3. Think on how you shall instill in your child sense of responsibility and duty.
4. Never forget that socially active child is always healthy hence encourage it.
5. Be very practical with gadget use
6. Never pour your own frustrations and pressure on your child rather create an environment of healthy discussion and development.
7. Love and take care of your child with good deeds, and quality time not with materialistic items and costly gifts.

Hope these few key points shall be noted by parents while bringing up their child.
Happy parenting! 

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