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Panic attacks:-
Panic attack is a condition in which a person have sudden onset of extreme anxiety associated with chest discomfort/chest pain, choking sensation in throat, dryness in mouth, dizziness, headache, palpitation, increased heart beat, churning sensation in abdomen, hot flushes or cold extremities, tremors, fear of impending doom (feeling as if going to die) or fear of going crazy. The condition arises abruptly and builds up very fast. it mimics heart attack and warrants repeated hospitalization, unnecessary medications and investigations. It can be treated with psychiatric medicines and psychotherapy.

Generalised Anxiety disorder:-
In Generalized anxiety disorder the patient always have ongoing anxiety on minor day to day issues, patient feels himself/ herself on the edge always and experience worry, preoccupation with negative thinking, insomnia and poor self confidence. person hesitates and avoids many things leading to serious social and occupational dysfunction.These illness can be cured with psychiatric medicines and psychotherapy.
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