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Last Updated: Feb 04, 2021

Painful Menstrual Periods And Shattered Dream Of A Baby!!

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Dr. Richa SharmaIVF Specialist • 21 Years Exp.MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS, FNB Reproductive Medicine, MRCOG
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Painful menstrual periods and shattered dream of a baby!

To be a mother is the basic right and the best gift for any woman on earth. These feelings are irreplaceable and couples especially feel more pained in attending any social gatherings like goad bharai rasam- that reminds them of emptiness in their life
Endometriosis is one of such a condition which feeble the chances of getting pregnant. Besides it starts with pain only when one gets first periods of life and generally gets unresolved- medically surgically both.

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