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Last Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Pain Of Abstaining - Semen Retention & Its Consequences!

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Dr. Rahul GuptaSexologist • 15 Years Exp.MD-Ayurveda, BAMS
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Successful semen retention may have a connotation of success, but it can have its own consequences. If one does it for a long time, he may suffer from noticeable pain and discomfort arising out of testicles on arousal. Moreover, the more one abstains from ejaculating, the more he is likely to get aroused. Men may get aroused when their girlfriends are around. Even when men are sexually exhausted due to over-masturbation, they can get aroused. However, men usually abstain from ejaculating in such situations since it may be painful and tiring. To overcome the feeling, some men even think about staying away from girlfriends and wives.

The fact is that sexual exhaustion can make erection difficult, and if the person still has an erection, he is lucky. If the person is practicing semen retention that is causing pelvic and testicular pain, it means that the sperm and semen production is okay. The discomfort is a result of inflammation owing to the accumulation of sperm and semen inside the testicles and seminal vesicles. The testicular ducts and seminal vesicles expand due to the retained semen and that induces the release of a hormone called Prostaglandin E2. This hormone stimulates inflammation of sympathetic nerves in an attempt to get rid of sperm and semen from the body. One can avoid this painful and discomforting feeling if he can strengthen the functioning of the central dopamine nervous system. However, the person needs to practice this and it takes time.

Testosterone levels witness a jump after about 5 days of the last ejaculation. It is Testosterone which is responsible for the orgasmic urge since it is this hormone that nudges the sympathetic nervous system. The Semen production accelerates owing to this urge. All this happens within the span of 5 to 7 days of the last ejaculation. This is why the time after the fifth or seventh day of the last ejaculation is the most difficult time. If one can suppress the urge during these days, he can successfully retain sperm. Once a person passes the 7th day after the last ejaculation, the testosterone level usually comes down. Testicular functions follow the testosterone level and come down to normal. As testicular function comes down, both sperm and semen production comes down.

To pass these crucial 2-3 days, one can take the help of the Botanical Testicular Revitalization Formula, which boasts of Vitamins A, B-complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. The person also needs to do some jogging before breakfast and exercise daily for some time. Taking a brisk walk after dinner also helps. This way one can suppress the response of the sympathetic nervous system during those crucial 2-3 days and retain sperm successfully without pain or discomfort. Ultimately, once someone is able to master the art of Semen retention, the pain will go away, and the sexual prowess will improve.

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