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New Year Special - 6 Healthy Resolutions You Must Adopt!

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Mrs. Rachna Mimani 91% (39 ratings)
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New Year Special - 6 Healthy Resolutions You Must Adopt!

It's time to welcome the New Year with enthusiasm and joy. The new year is an exciting time, brimming with the fresh starts and new beginnings. It's also the time when you plan your resolutions for the year. It’s a chance to recommit to your health and well-being - Exercise three times a week, drink more water, eat healthy. Well... creating these resolutions is easy enough, adhering to them beyond the month of January, however, is just a different story.

As per a research, only 40 percent of the people are actually able to achieve their resolutions with the majority getting off the bandwagon within six months. It's easier to set realizable goals that are achievable in reasonable steps, however, it is difficult to turn your wishes into actions as it takes time for a behavior to change. As making a new behavior or habit, permanent requires diligence and commitment.​ So, here are some health and fitness goals that are not only easy to plan, but are also easy to realize.

  1. Reboot your dietWhen adopting a new diet, think a step ahead and be always prepared. Avoid situations that make your body feel deprived and crave for that snack. Establish the motivation behind your seeking the diet change and use this motivation to limit the ingestion of unhealthy meals. 
  2. Formulate your resolution into a positive action: Emphasize on the positive action that you will add more vegetables to my diet and not just that you have to lose weight. Eliminate junk food products from the fridge and kitchen pantry and restock them with healthy food products and healthy snack options for those food cravings in between meals. 
  3. Reboot your workout plan: To have a successful workout plan, adopt it as a permanent lifestyle change, rather than an activity towards a number on the scale. Set weekly fitness goals to establish and monitor success ensuring self-motivation. 
  4. Reward achievable targets: Have realistic rewards for the achievable targets to reinforce the set goals. You can also pair your work out with an interesting activity such as catching up on an interesting TV show after the workout. 
  5. Reboot your stressful days: Identify what heightens your stress level and specify the tools that will ease your daily tension. In accomplishing, your daily tasks try to overextend yourself, putting your needs on hold before others. Take a timeout from the hustle and busy schedule to yourself to pose and reflect on your activities. The timeout also helps you to relax before engaging in another strenuous activity. Take some time to meditate in order to eliminate the stress that may affect your physical and emotional health. 
  6. Reboot your energy: Having low energy level can affect a person's focus level hence, prevents them from making a change. It is therefore important to maintain the energy level throughout the day to avoid fatigue and excuses. Have a diary to keep a record of the time you are most active or exhausted in a day, so that you change your diet and activities accordingly. Have a to-do list of the tasks that you have to accomplish within the day and set a reminder for bedtime so that you can get enough rest. 

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