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Mother's Day Special: Prioritize Your Mom's Health

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Mother's Day Special: Prioritize Your Mom's Health

Mothers have long been recognized as the best caregivers. Mother's Day celebrates motherhood and the contribution of mothers to society. The holiday is celebrated worldwide as an international day. It is observed on Sunday, 8th of May. 

Motherhood is one of the most honorable and challenging adventures of a woman’s life. Every mother in the world has her dreams of being a perfect mother and running a perfectly balanced household.

Our mothers spend most of their time worrying about everyone else, brushing aside, and ignoring their own health conditions. Although we can't repay her back, we surely can take care of her, as with growing age our mothers are often at risk of a range of health conditions including menopause, bone diseases, heart problems, and even breast cancer.  This Mother’s Day, rather than pretty trinkets, gift her something more long-lasting and meaningful; let us give her the gift of health.

Prioritize Mother's Health 

While Mother’s Day is just once a year, you love your mom and want her to be healthy all 365 days. To maintain good health, one needs regular health check-ups. Either moms are too busy to find the time or they tend to not give enough importance, to their own health check-ups. While on Mother’s Day you can gift her a full body checkup (which everyone should get at least once a year), you can ensure that your mother is healthy on a daily basis, by keeping track of any conditions that she is suffering from and following up with relevant check-ups, treatment, and other procedures as necessary. 

Visit the doctor/clinic with her. Not only will you ensure that those visits actually happen at the frequency they should, but also the kind of moral and emotional support she will get from you through this will go a long way in keeping her healthy and happy. 

Important Nutrition Tips For All Mothers For Good Health 

Eat right by balancing your meals. Include Cereals, millets, pulses, dal, legumes, grains, meat, fish, milk or milk products, fruits, and vegetables in your meals that gives all the nutrients - Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Fiber, and Carbohydrates. 

Do not forget to include: 

  • limit intake of salts and oil daily. 

  • Drink 2-3 liters of water daily. Include green tea, lime juice, buttermilk, lassi, and coconut water too. 

  • Ensure that your veggies are along with 3 different fruits every day. 

  • Include whole grains, millets instead of maida, and wheat flour in your cooking. 

  • Do yoga to stay fit and healthy 

  • Go for a walk for at least 30 mins every day 

  • Ensure 30 minutes of sunlight exposure for vitamin D

Mothers are heaven’s gift to us. This Mother’s Day, let’s gift her something in return. One that says “Thank you for taking care of me”. Let’s take care of mom’s health. 


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