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Mommy Makeover

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Dr.Ashish Sangvikar 88% (13ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, DNB, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai  •  22years experience
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I am Dr. Ashish Sangvikar. I am a plastic cosmetic surgeon and I practice at mumbai. Mommy makeover procedure is very popular in western world and it is becoming increasingly popular in India. So, In this video let's discuss the procedure of mommy maker. Being a mother is the biggest dream of a woman and motherhood brings bundle of joy, but pregnancy takes a lot of toll on women's health and body and these women cannot bounce back to the pre-pregnancy state with just diet and exercise. Mommy makeover procedure helps these women in their desire to achieve their pre-pregnancy state and body. Mommy makeover is a combination of different procedures designed to address different problems faced by a woman after pregnancy and lactation. Mommy makeover comprises of liposuction of various body parts like abdomen, back, arm, thighs. Liposuction helps in removing excess fat from these areas. The tummy tuck, this helps in tackling the excessive stretched out skin hanging over abdomen as well as it removes the stretch-marks in the lower part of the abdomen.

Other body contouring procedures like thigh tuck and Arm tuck, they also help in removing the excess skin from the thighs and arms. These can be combined with liposuction of these parts, then there are breast reshaping procedures like breast lift or breast augmentation or breast reduction. Tummy tuck along with liposuction is by far the most common procedure of this mommy makeover. Tummy tuck tackles the excessively stretched skin over the abdomen. The liposuction of the adjacent part helps in removing the excessive fat; thus tummy tuck, combined with liposuction helps in achieving a well-controlled flat abdomen. Thigh tuck and arm tuck are the body contouring procedures. Thigh tuck helps in removing excess skin from the thigh and arm tuck helps in removing the excess skin from the arm. Along with this, the liposuction of these parts can be combined to remove diet and exercise-resistant fat pockets from thigh and arm.

Breast reshaping procedure involves breast lift, which is also called mastopexy. Mastopexy deals with sagging pendulous breast. Mastopexy can also be combined with breast augmentation with breast implant. Breast augmentation restores the lost volume of breast and makes them more youthful and beautiful. In certain patients, in contrary to breast augmentation they require breast reduction. In these patients increased breast size during pregnancy and lactation, it persists after the lactation. These patients suffer from backache, shoulder pain as well as inability to wear clothes of their choice because of the increasing size of breasts. In these patients breast reduction is done. Not all these procedures are required in all patients. So in a mommy makeover, the combination of different procedures are custom tailor-made for the individual patient’s need. All these procedures required hospitalization admission for a couple of days.

Recovery depends upon the number of procedures and their extent but in most of these procedures, the recovery period doesn't last more than one to two weeks. Ideally, mommy makeover procedure should be done after the family is complete and woman is no longer planning for further pregnancy. Pregnancy after a mommy makeover is possible, but during this pregnancy, a woman can put on more weight. The skin and muscles are again stretched out undoing the result of surgery. So ideally, it is always advisable that your family should be complete and you are not planning any further pregnancy when you are deciding for the procedure of mommy maker. If you have any queries about this mommy makeover you can contact me on my number or you can contact me via Lybrate.

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