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Marriage Counselling - 4 Signs You Should Go For It!

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Marriage Counselling - 4 Signs You Should Go For It!

Marriage is one of the most important aspects of anyone's life. It is when a person enters a new phase of his/her life and apart from enormous love and affection,(not required) sometimes gets overburdened with responsibilities. These responsibilites could include household works and work/life balance. This burden often leads to some serious problems, which if left unresolved, may even lead to divorce.

• Negative communication

There can be two types of communications - positive or negative. Negative communications include aggressive or passive or both at the same time. In any conversation, if any of the partners is yelling, threatening, intimidating or dominating, it is called aggressive negative communication. While in case a partner is quietly accepting everything the other partner says and has low self-esteem, it is categorised as passive negative communication. These types of negative communications can ruin any marital relationship.

• Extra-marital affairs

An affair can be devastating for both the partners. A marriage counsellor can be monumental in uncovering the complexities within the relationship that has led to the affair. Although an affair is the root cause of the problem, it also may be a symptom of an issue between the couple.

• Loss of intimacy

Both men and women crave love and intimacy in a marriage. However, over time, some couples tend to lose the excitement and romance in the relationship. At such a time, husband and wife may live as roommates, sharing a house. At such a juncture, consulting a marriage counsellor may make all the difference. With the help of therapy, you and your partner may regain the affection and love for each other once again. The therapist will make you focus more on the things you love about each other and help you indulge in the activities you have been fond of doing together. This will help in reigniting the affection you two always shared.

• Considering divorce or separation

If you and your partner have exhausted all other options and are considering filing for a divorce, you should visit a marriage counsellor as a last ditch effort to save the relationship. A good marriage counsellor will use a variety of communicative methods and try their best to help you resolve the problems in the relationship. While you may not feel comfortable seeking external help to save your relationship, remember that marriage counsellors are very discreet and can work wonders in some cases.

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