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Marriage Counseling

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Mrs.Swapna M Nadgauda 91% (13ratings)
M A Psychology, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Post Graduate Diploma in Child Guidance
Psychologist, Navi Mumbai  •  27years experience
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I am Mrs. Swapna M Nadgauda, Psychologist. Today I will talk about marriage counseling. Marriage has always given security and growth. It is social acceptance. It comes with the obligations, responsibilities and rights. But sometimes, partners are not aware about their rights. It is their choice if they want to get married or not. So, the new family has to help the person to accommodate. Marriage is a two way process. Bonding is very important in marriage. Marriage is about accepting the shortcomings of each other. Readiness to help and growing together. It also gives companionship. So, lot of sharing they do like emotional, sexual, mental, practical. Sharing makes companionship strong. We share by giving time to our partner. We become aware about our partner.

We should contribute equally to the relationship to make it a successful relationship. Both the partners have respective profession. Where the problem starts in marriage? When the partner is not putting in the thing which is required from their role and when they are not able to fulfil the expectations. Problem starts when partner thinks that I am not being understood or supported. So, at this time both the partners need to communicate. So, in marriage- the trust, communication and compatibility are pillars. We should not let our partner feel guilty, worthless, useless for themself or for the relationship.

Mother will turn a boy into a son not into a husband. So, it is wife's responsibility to turn that boy into husband. Respect your woman so that she can love you back. Love your man so that he can feel that he is respected. So, marriage also gets affected by the different traits of both the partners. It also gets affected because of personality and mental disorder. It has to be addressed as and when it is required. You cannot keep the things pending. So, it has to be resolved. Family can also help both the partners to communicate with each other. We all are different by nature. Now they are creating zone where they are going to live together. We also have different cultures. I have to learn to accept my differences with my partner. So, the goal of marriage is to bring compatibility, complementary and coping skills. Marriage also helps us to learn about sacrifices and eventually you will get growth. So, if you have any problem in any relation, get it resolved immediately. You can contact me through Lybrate.

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