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Long Distance Relation - 4 Tips to Keep It Healthy!

Dr. B.R. Murthy 90% (212 ratings)
M.Sc - Psychology, MS - Sexualty, PGDGC, DAFE
Sexologist, Visakhapatnam  •  11 years experience
Long Distance Relation - 4 Tips to Keep It Healthy!

Most people feel that long distance relationships are rarely successful and so it is better to avoid such complications. But then it is also a fact that there are many success stories wherein things have worked out just fine. Though a long distance relationship has its own set of difficulties, it has several surprises too. Enjoying simple things like holding each other’s hand, dining together and taking a walk together suddenly can become some of the most cherished things.

Here are a few tips to make your long distance relation healthy and strong:

  1. Communicate with each other, but avoid over communication: It is true that in a long distance relationship communication is very important. But often, a partner being overly possessive might want prolonged phone calls over hours, and this can make the entire deal extremely irritating and tiresome. Communication can be regular, but then make sure that you enjoy the conversation. The length of the conversation doesn’t really matter, it’s the quality of that small talk you have with your partner. Respect your partner’s space and privacy and don’t go overboard talking about all the daily humdrums of your life.
  2. Be honest with one another: Honesty is the key to a successful relationship and this becomes even more important if it is a long distance one. While it is true that you need not share every single detail of your life, sharing things that might be bothering you or things on which you might want to come clean can of help. This will also help take the load off you that might be sitting tight on your chest. So, the best thing would be an honest discussion with your partner who should and will help you to find a solution. Avoid selfishness, over communication and improve openness and transparency are good things to marital harmony.
  3. Make right use of social media: Video calling might not be up your alley, especially if you are of the fairer sex. However, do enjoy it once in a while, even if it is for your partner. Remember, your partner certainly loves seeing you and video calling once in a while will surely make his day.
  4. Make plans to see each other once in a while: Meeting each other once in a few weeks or months keeps things going. As mentioned above, a long distance relationship has its own perks; the want and the desire to see and be with each other get amplified when you decide to meet after a month or two. True, sexual intimacy is that one thing that comes to the fore when you meet after a while. But try to revel in each other’s company; enjoy long bottled up conversations. Nothing can bring two love birds close than a perfect warm conversation over a cup of cappuccino. Being in a long distance relation isn’t easy but it is worth it if you truly feel connected to your partner. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.
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