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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Lifestyle Disorders - How To Handle It?

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Dt. Sarika NairDietitian/Nutritionist • 9 Years Exp.Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

Hi everyone,

My name is Dt. Sarika. I am a diet & lifestyle consultant. I also do online consulting. Today I am going to talk about how lifestyle is affecting everything around us. Obesity is a monster now we know that. It is affecting us it is affecting children adults everyone altogether, I mean at the same time it is affecting everyone and it is like a growing epidemic. We see it everywhere any side you turn and you see obesity lurking in your face. So what we know it is lifestyle humko pata hai we eat out a lot we‘ve been inactive more sedentary & that is affecting us we know that. But at the same time, there is pressure to look good because we are living in the age of instagram. There are filters everywhere. Everyone wants to look beautiful, everyone wants to be out there put themselves out there. This puts a lot of pressure on people. That they want to do the right thing to look the right way but the lifestyle is going spiraling downwards where you seem to have lost control somewhere. So as a diet consultant I can tell you what to eat because food is at the core of everything.

We don’t give it the importance you know food for most of the people is entertainment. Right if there is something to celebrate we eat even if someone passes away food plays an important part. Every festival in every community in our country is focused on food. So food is a comfort for us food gives us happiness. And to control that and with so many options around you, you know everywhere you go the posters are there and they calling at you. It's very irresistible. In such a scenario what to do. As a diet consultant, I can tell you what to eat and not eat. But apart from diet and there are so many other things that matter which revolve around the diet itself like people nowadays want shortcuts. Everyone is looking for something that will give them an overnight result. But is there something like overnight result? No, is there something like spotpick session like I have people coming and saying baas mere yeh thigh thik ho jaye, bas mera tummy andar chala jay, bas mere arms hi bas garbar hai, baki everything is fine.

Does it work like that? Does the body understand ki ok fine today she is going to work on the arms only so let me work on the arm. Or tomorrow she is going to work on the tummy so let me work on the tummy. No, the body doesn’t understand it like that. So you have to understand it and look at it in a very holistic way. It is a very overall thing. You cannot fix one thing & ignore something else and tomorrow go back to it. Doesn’t happen like that. And that is why the crash diets that we see today the shortcuts right yeh kha lo aur 8 din mein weight look doesn’t work. Do I promote that? No I don’t promote that. The only way I am going to say it again & again the only way is a lifestyle change. And it is not so difficult as it looks like people tell me yaar diet karna parega bohut boring hain. It is not like that. The healthy food can be tasty we all have grown up eating healthy food especially people my generation have grown up eating healthy food at home because we didn’t have so many options to go out & eat. Today there are & we are also changing alongwith the new generation but a lifestyle change is more sustainable it is more longtime because see today I can put you on a diet & you can lose so many kgs in one week or you can just take it off the internet.

But is it sustainable? Can you eat like that for an entire life? Can you live on juices for your entire life? No at the end of the day humara khana is dal chawal sabji roti and that is what we go back to again & again in various forms & various combinations. And that is what we are going back to. And agar aap wohi khake if doing that you try and lose weight you try and become a healthier & a fitter person the chances of sustainability is higher. The other dull side is that when you lose a lot of weight you tend to gain it back together very soon. And when you gain it back it is very very disappointing. Nobody wants to gain back the weight which you lose by starving yourself. So what I suggest always is make a lifestyle change make good choices be physically active and eat local & seasonal food. Sitting here you may be from another city but the weather the temperature and everything the humidity levels of a place matter a lot. So eat what you are used to eating eat local & eat seasonal be physically active don’t stress too much about your weight stress about your health be healthy and focus on being healthy & that is something which will help you sustain it a lot and as parents which is something which we can teach our children by showing them not by telling them. Bolne se jyada they will look at you & learn. So if you are conscious & making good choices your children will make good choices. And that is how I think we can stop the obesity monster that is affecting our children.


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