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Lifestyle Alterations - Things You Must Know About!

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Dr. Kiran Sethi Lohia 85% (10 ratings)
M.Sc. Dermatology, PG diploma in clinical dermatology, Board Certification, Doctor of Medicine, Added Qualification in Cosmetic Lasers, Diplomate in cosmetic formulation
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  12 years experience
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I am Dr. Kiran Sethi, Dermatologist. Today I will talk about lifestyle alteration. We believe in understanding who you are from the inside-out. We don't believe in doing just dermatology procedures, we do holistic wellness of yours. Internal and external treatments give the best results. We integrate eastern and western medicines. I have brought so many technologies from outside to India because Indian skin is bit different. We are specialized for helping Indian clients to get the vitamins that they need. So, you will become beautiful, not just look beautiful.

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