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Laziness - How To Avoid It?

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Dt.Sarika Nair 89% (74ratings)
Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  6years experience
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I am Dt. Sarika Nair, Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai. Today I will talk about how to avoid laziness. Sabko laziness hoti hai. Unhein samajh mein nahi ata hai ki kya khayein aur kya nahi khayein. I want to exercise but I am not able to. Jinki membership hai but vo jaa hi nahi paa rahe. We all go through with this. But what is the reason? Age is one of the factors for laziness. Youngsters ko bhi yahi problem hoti hai and even I have felt the same.

How diet can help us and how little changes can help us to be more active? So, diet ke lia kya karna hai. First and the foremost thing is having a very late dinner. It definitely makes you lethargic in the morning. Aap late aaye and aap ne heavy meal liya. Kyuki food aap ko relax karta hai aur uske baad aap soo gaye bina koi activity kia. Apne 2 ghante bhi nahi liye khana digest karne ke lia. So, morning mein you are feeling bloated but you also have to have breakfast because you are running late. Otherwise, you skip breakfast and end up having a big meal at lunch. The whole cycle is gone for a toss. So, better is eat early dinner. Agar aap nahi kar paate hain toh have a light dinner. Aap daal khaiye, soup ki jarurat nahi hai. Salad and koi bhi vegetable le lijiye. Skip roti or rice. I am not at all against of carbs but aap late dinner kar rahein hain and there is no time for all the glucose to be absorbed by the body.

Skipping breakfast again makes you very lethargic. Agar morning mein aap ka glucose spike up nahi hoga toh aapka concentration affect hoga. You see the children who do not eat breakfast generally feel sleepy in the first period. Islia breakfast is important for you to wake up. So, have a healthy breakfast, not the driven one. Next important is to drink a lot of water. Jab bahut payas lagti hai tab hum paani peete hain. We just keep skipping drinking water. But water is extremely important. It helps you in so many ways which you can't even imagine including muscles relaxation. Jitna aap paani peeyeinge utni aap ki activity rahegi. Thirsty body is a very lethargic body.

Eat at least 2 fruits in a day. Eat seasonal fruits. Now nature is very smart. Jaise hi humein sardi shuru hoti hai, we start getting oranges. It is very rich in vitamin-C which helps us fighting in cold and cough. Summer aate hi watermelon aane lag jata hai. But you should not eat watermelon in winter. So, eat whatever is easily available. Don't eat too much of roti and rice. Eat sabji. All these things will definitely make you active. Don't skip on your proteins. Protein ke lia aap non-veg kha sakte hain. Sea food kha sakte hain. Eggs kha sakte hain. Vegetarians milk and milk products le sakte hain. Soya, nuts, legumes, pulses, chole, channe, rajma le sakte hain. Apart from diet what all you can do is first of all jo fear hai ki exercise ke lia 1 ghanta nikalna hai aur mere pass time nahi hai islia mai nhi karungi. Rather I will say ki aap 10 mins ki exercise kro. Gym jaao aur baki ka pura din inactive raho. Sabse simple hai sidhi chadna and utarna. This will keep you active. Jogging, skipping aap kar sakte hain if your knee permits. Anything which increases your heart rate. Fast walking or cycling all the activities are fun. Not only inside the gym. Don't feel like ki mujhe punishment mili hai and mujhe gym jana padega. And this also keeps you overall active.

Next is don't depend too much on the gadgets. Aaj mai itne steps toh chal hi nahi paya. Jis bhi situation mein aap hain, aap active rahein. Slowly you will start getting the agility. So the take away from this video is to eat healthy food, drink a lot of water, eat less in the night, don't forget your proteins and be generally active. Jab aap fresh fruits khate ho toh aap ki body generally active rehti hai. Aisa nhi hai ki subha ek time pe exercise ho gayi thi ab mai usi ko burn karti hun pura din. You have to be active the whole day. And that is when you will start feeling better. So, one thing I always say, stress less as that is not gonna help you in solving things. Stay happy and stay healthy.

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