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Lasik Eye Surgery And Its Benefits

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Hello everyone,

 I am Dr. Bhupesh. I am practising here as a cornea cataract and refractive surgeon at Bharti Eye Hospital. So today I am going to talk about refractive surgery commonly known as Lasik. Lasik surgery is done to remove the glasses from the patient. Lasik can remove the minus number as well as the plus number commonly known as myopia or hyperopia. Lasik is done after the age of 18 years. The essential criteria for going for lasik surgery is that the patient has to be above 18 years of age, the patient's number has to be stable for at least one year and before planning the lasik surgery we have to do the pentacam for the corneal topography test for every patient. And if that test shows that everything is normal, there is no corneal pathology, the thickness of the cornea is normal, then only we can plan the Lasik for the patient. So if you talk about the technology involved in lasik surgery, Lasik can be done basically with two types of laser - one is the femtosecond laser by which we cut the flap in the cornea.

The other laser involved in the lasik surgery is excimer laser by which we can remove the number. So cutting the flat can be done either by the femtosecond laser or with the help up of microcheratom blade. It works well allthough femtosecond laser is more safe and more precise so nowadays femtosecond laser is more used then the microcheratom blade. So the other advantages of lasik is that the patient get rid of glasses, some people wants to get rid of the glasses because of the cosmetic concern and some patient because they are too dependent on the glasses. Without glasses they cannot walk, they cannot do routine work. So they want to get rid of their glasses and get the Lasik done. If you talk about the surgery duration- this procedure takes not more than 10 minutes for both the eyes.

This is a painless surgery. We do not give any injections after the surgery or during the procedure. There won't be any pain so it is a painless surgery. The success rate of all this procedure is very high. The complication rates are less than 0.001 , So most of the patients are very happy with the surgery and they get very good results. In the post operative period if you talk about the recovery, how much amount of time it takes to get 100% vision after the surgery, it is less than 24 hours. The very next day patient sees everything. So you don't have to take any rest or you don't need to get admitted to the hospital. You can go back to your work after 2 to 3 days. There is no specific post-op precautions except you should avoid swimming for at least one month and heavy exercises for at least one month. We prescribe few medications and eye drops after the surgery that you have to take for a week and then lubricant eye drops for a month. So this is all about lasik surgery.

Thank you.

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