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Know The Common Ways You Are Causing Road Rage!

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Know The Common Ways You Are Causing Road Rage!

The term “Road Rage” was coined by a local news station KTLA in Los Angeles after a string of shooting occurred on several freeways. When moving traffic offenses are committed by a driver with the intention of endangering other people or property or assaulting another passenger or operator of a motor vehicle with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapons, this is considered road rage.

Most common ways of causing road rage:

1. Maintaining the same pace with cars next to you so the car behind cannot pass-
This is a common road rage act where the driver of a car in front of you is keeping the same speed with the cars next to him so that no one behind him can pass.

2. Stepping on the brakes for no rhyme or reason-
Some drivers have the habit of stepping on the brakes because they are insecure about their driving and feel that they are driving too fast when they are actually driving below the speed limit. This can really make drivers behind you lose patience. To gain confidence in your driving, take up lessons.

3. Jeopardizing lives because of fiddling with phone-
Every driver thinks that they drive like a race car driver. So, they decide to multi-task and fiddle with their phones while driving. Accidents on roads take place within the fraction of a second. So, not paying attention to the road for even a second can lead to the loss of other's lives or yours.

4. Having fits of rage without any reason-
Some drivers take it very personally if a driver overtakes them from behind. This leads to a vicious attitude of wanting to get back at the driver by overtaking him. This is completely nonsensical but is a very common act of road rage.

5. Not using blinkers when changing lanes-
How is the driver behind you supposed to know that you are intending to take a sharp turn into the very next lane without you signaling it with blinkers? This is the reason for not only irritating the other drivers on the but also why most drivers land up in court as it results in catastrophic car crashes.

6. Honking away-
Some drivers start blasting their horns over and over again just when the traffic signal turns green. They need to know that it takes a few seconds to restart engines and move forward. There is a lag time of a few seconds. Such drivers need to be patient.

7. Breaking signals-
Some drivers have no regard for traffic lights. If they think they are in a hurry, they will just speed right through the red light without caring about the on-coming traffic. This is one of the most popular acts of road rage.
If you are in the habit of any of the road rage acts mentioned above, it is advised to take the lives of other and yourselves seriously and refrain from engaging in any kind of irritating elements on the road.

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