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Know About Psychologist?

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Dr.Atul Aswani 91% (98ratings)
Psychiatrist, Mumbai  •  20years experience
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I am Dr. Atul Aswani. I am a psychiatrist and counsellor. So, this is like more than 15 years in this branch of psychiatry, I love my subject and this subject is very unique. You know whenever I go to a party or to a social function and people happen to ask me what do you do and I tell them that I am a psychiatrist, they say Oh! that means you can read my mind. I say "No! I cannot read your mind" and in some ways, psychiatry is very different from other branches. For example, if someone were to have a fall and go and see an orthopaedic surgeon, they would be really surprised if the orthopaedic surgeon give them some treatment or medication without doing an X-ray; in the same way if someone would have a chest pain and they would go to a cardiologist, the cardiologist will generally not do anything till he does an ECG and a blood pressure, pulse measurement at the most basic.

But in my branch, the uniqueness is there are very few investigations. Actually, we come to decide what we are handling just by interviewing people. So, it is in the pattern of thoughts that we recognize what people are suffering from or what treatment they would need. So, psychiatry is a unique branch but I would like to encourage all of the people who are undergoing stress is that they should not hesitate to take help. Sometimes, it's a very good idea to approach a counselor and if you feel that counseling is not proving to be enough then it is a good idea to see a psychiatrist also. Now that you are seeing this video, you can obviously see that psychiatrist is like anyone else, is like any other medical professional, we do not have two horns on our head or any such things. So, you are most welcome to consult a psychiatrist when you are feeling that the level of stress is way above what you can handle.


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