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Insomnia And Sleeping Disorder

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I am Dr. Hardik Thakkar, MD physician. Today I would like to take this opportunity to speak about insomnia and sleeping disorders. So, as we all know this is a very common complaint that we see in an urban population, there are a lot of patients who come in with this complaint that they are unable to sleep on time, they get up also late and they have a very short duration of sleep. So, what happens is this affects the quality of the life of the patient, the people get up feeling exhausted and not rejuvenated and in future leads to depression. So, I would like to talk about certain sleeping habits which one has to inculcate so that you do not get this issue of insomnia. First and foremost you should have something called as detox from your smartphones.

We see that smartphones tend to interfere with daily life of the person. What happens is this blue light radiation which happens when you operate a cell phone and that keeps your brain awake. So, we would advise you to switch off the cell phone at least an hour before you are planning to go to sleep so that there is no distraction to keep you awake, WhatsApp messages, emails coming in the middle of the night or any sound for that matter can be a source of distraction and it can disturb the sleep. So, detox from a smartphone use a decent hour before sleep is very important.

Secondly avoid having any stimulants like tea and coffee after 6:00 pm in the evening coma people who work-out they tend to have products which contain caffeine, pre workouts and fat burners so even these products are going to keep you awake till late and will lead to insomnia. So, stay away from stimulants after 6:00 p.m. in the evening. Apart from this, one should avoid reading late into the night. People think if you read more, you will get a sound sleep but that's not true. If you read more, it stimulates the brain more and you will not get sleep so avoid reading at least an hour before you are going to sleep. And the fourth thing you need to take care of is to have a bath in warm water at least half an hour before sleep that is scientifically proven to induce sleep. So, these are the four common tips that you can take into everyday life so that you do not suffer from insomnia. For more information on others sleeping disorders and parasomnias you can come to me for a real-time consultation at my clinic or you can even avail an online consultation. For more information you can visit my profile on lybrate which is

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