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Importance Of Pulse Diagnosis In Healthcare Treatment!

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Importance Of Pulse Diagnosis In Healthcare Treatment!

Diagnosis of Disease ( Health issues)

Accurate pathology diagnosis is essential to ensure the most effective TREATMENT. But nowadays most of the Doctors believe on Machines Such as fully automatic, semi automatic, CT, MRI like man invented and pre fixed reading.  This all instruments may give partly an idea of the health issues, but natural diagnosis is different, That is real pulse diagnosis

Here, pulse doesn’t mean systolic and diastolic condition. This is entirely different. In ancient times, the body nature has been found out with the help of Nadi (Pulse) and condition of 5 elements (Pancha Boodangal), Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood, also represents the organs condition of living being and give clear indication about health condition. Pulse reading confirms the method of treatment for the root cause of disease.

Advantage of Classical Method /Traditional method

  • (i) Easy to diagnose the root cause of the disease
  • (ii) Treatment will be accurate for specific problem
  • (iii) Permanent cure can be achieved Need not to use more point (needling)

Treatment based on root cause of the disease

It is a Continues process of Traditional method of Diagnosis, the conditions of 10 vital organs (Heart, Small Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Lung, Large Intestine, Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Liver and Gall bladder) along with Triple warmer and Pericardium will be the basic reason to create root cause of the problems in turn, treat the root cause of the problem means Finding actual problems of every individual, through their pulse condition and treat them accordingly.


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